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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday in Rochester MN

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So far all the of the testing has been positive. We met with the specialist yesterday about Hubby's nutrition and now have a good plan to implement when we get back home this weekend. He also got megadoses of Vitamin A three days in a row so he can see the stars at night again (he had night blindness, too). We also met with the kidney docs today and they've reduced his immuno-suppressants because, as we suspicioned that is probably the cause of the severe weight loss and other issues. The scary news is that he has now developed BK, which is a virus that could trash his new kidney. They are hopeful that reducing the immuno-suppressants will cause that virus to be reduced, so keep him in your thoughts over the next few months for that to happen.

I've been checking blogland periodically when I can get to the computer, but we are limited to 30 minutes each session, so I haven't remarked on any of them. I have so enjoyed getting my visual quilt fixes with the pictures and comments I get to see, though!

I also have to admit that I have fallen off the fabric wagon. I discovered a Mill End store here in Rochester - AND they are having a fabric blowout sale. No fabrics are higher than $4.99 a yard, and many of them are on the shelves at LQSs, too! Each day you can purchase one fabric cut at 50% off, and they also take one JoAnn's coupon per day too. Yesterday, I purchased a total of 26.5 yards of fabric, and spend less than $100.00. Today, I went back, but I haven't counted how many yards are sitting in the bag in the car, though. Pictures of my haul will have to wait until we get home though:)

I am presently waiting for Hubby to return from his intestinal biopsy and then we will go back to the apartment. I've finished up one baby quilt, and have another ready to sew up tonight. Tomorrow is the finale (or so we hope) and meetings with the doctors to review these last tests, and get our plan to go back home with. In the meantime, I am sewing, and waiting, and waiting and sewing, and keeping my fingers crossed for positive test results.


Screen Door said...

Keep your eyes on the quilts and know our thoughts and prayers are with you. It's amazing how fabric heals. I say you've had some of the best 'therapy' around. Wish it could do that for your husband.
take care

joyce said...

Definitely trying times. My hopes for the best news for you.
THat fabric store is a real find. A great way to cheer up is finding fabric on sale. Can't wait to see photos of your finds.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I think we all are sewing and waiting and waiting and sewing and keeping our fingers crossed for positive test results too.

Good for you for treating yourself to a fantastic fabric sale!



Nellie Bass Durand said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. I haven't had time to post on my blog, but am reading yours and keeping up.

Darcie said...

YOu can count on many thoughts and prayers being said for you and your DH. I'm so glad that most of his tests are looking good. Time will tell if the BK will clear. Let's pray so!

Boy! Would I love to be pouring through your purchases, Sharon! Can't wait to see them and hear about them!

Karrin Hurd said...

We are sending good thoughts for Kevin your way Sharon! Karrin and John

Linda_J said...

keeping the hopes up for good news on the testing front. Sounds like they are checking him from stem to stern while you wait--and wait. No wonder a trip to the fabric store is part of the deal.

Dawn said...

Sharon, I'm so glad things are going ok for your husband - hang in there. What a find at the Mill End store - wow! I would be in heaven!

Ms. Jan said...

Keeping the good thoughts coming Kevin's way Sharon....hang in there!

Susan said...

Glad things are positive so far! Hope it keeps up.

Sounds like you are not wasting your time while you are there. Like Darcie, I'd love to be fondling fabric with you!

Katie said...

A needle and fabric or a quilting book are the very best for those waiting times. Have you seen that cat pic where he is hanging from the ends of his front paws and has the caption "Hang In There"? Remember a cat always lands on his feet. I'm sure your hubby will too.

ForestJane said...

Good luck, and keeping my fingers crossed for your hubby!

Judy said...

I've kept up the good thoughts and prayers for him and I'll just keep them coming! Hopefully with less meds his body can kick in and kncok out that bug!!

26 yards for under $100 is a super sale! No way should you have passed that deal up. At average of $9 a yard you would have spent $234! So this is definitely a special circumstance and get all you can! Can't wait to see the haul!!

Shannon said...

Good luck with the test results! Sending prayers and hugs your way.

I love the Mill End Outlet store in Rochester...didn't know they took JoAnn coupons, tho! What a great way to enhance your stash! :)


Tonya R said...

Positive tests so far is excellent news. I'll keep thinking good thoughts for you both. Wheeee, wonderful fabric sale. Who could resist that?