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Monday, July 10, 2006

Bowties for Caritas

Today, Hubby's morning appts are finished, and his kidney biopsy is finished, and I am in the Communication Center taking a break from a cold, cold, cold room. I loaded some pictures on some "future" blogs before leaving home, so I could have something to anchor my thoughts to as I wait out the week:)

I am happy to report that I finished all the sub-units to make my half of a queen bowtie quilt for The Duschene Clinic in Leavenworth Kansas for a September auction. I know I still haven't shared about our meeting with them yet, but just know that we have enough to do to keep us busy for a while. Each block is comprised of four bowtie units, and each unit is a different 30's reproduction fabric. The pieces are cut at 4" squares, with a 2.5" square sewn on the corner of the background square. Easy, and quick!I decided that I really and truly want to use up this fabric, so instead of putting it away, I am trimming any edges off of each piece to make it square again. This means I have a basket full of trimmings to add to a bag of authentic 30's scraps I found in my stash. Who knows where that came from? Anyways, I decided to make Finn's mile a minute blocks (as best I could from her descriptions) and I get a 6.5" block from every two or three Bowtie blocks I make by using enders and leaders. I have enough of these now to make at least a baby quilt. I am thinking I will just keep going until the basket is empty before I decide what they will be when they grow up!

So that's what I've been doing in my spare time. After they let him up and walk around in about an hour, we will leave the hospital part of the clinic. He will return later this afternoon for a couple more appts. What will I be doing? Either shopping or sewing! Either way, I will be a happy camper!


Screen Door said...

I love the fabrics,reminds me of my grandma's aprons...It's funny the things fabrics make you remember. Glad you are having fun and that your hubby is surviving being poked on... Tell him he can make it....

ForestJane said...

That's a good pattern for a bow tie. :) I dislike inset seams, but this kind I could do!

Would you have enough of the mile a minute blocks for a border of your bowties, since the fabric matches? Maybe instead of making little square miles, you could make rectangles.... ?

Tonya R said...

Love the crazy pieced blocks - loads of fun.