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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Beware of what you ask for!

The painted cupboard is one of my favorite pieces of furniture we own. We bought it a long time ago, when we could ill afford a "designer" piece of furniture. I just had to have it though, and I wish all my furniture could be in this style, whatever you might call it. It holds a television on the top, which I occasionally turn on while I am sewing, and mostly use for the satellite music channels when not using my Mac's Itunes. The grandkids generally watch their videos and kids TV channels in this room, too.

The bottom part used to house a stereo, but now it holds all my computer software and my genealogy books and papers.

This is the most recent quilt my buddy and I have made for a Cancer Action auction (in October). We finished it up this afternoon, and we're pretty pleased about it. I think we work well together - I took the handles to Rochester MN with us, and worked on that part while there, and she worked on the baskets during that time here. She had more work to do, for sure, since she also did the sashings and the 9 patches, but then she had a bit more time (I think) than I did. Last Sunday we got together and worked on putting the top together, and got about 75% of the basket blocks together. Today we worked on the rest. She finished up the top, while I worked on the pre-border sewing and the backing. She'll be taking it to the Iowa quilter we use this next week, and when it returns in August, I'll put the binding on.

We actually combined two different patterns, because we liked the smaller size of these baskets with a curved handle, but liked the triple sashing of another pattern. We sure didn't have much fabric left over from the calculations - less than 1/4 yard of the blue and the red, so that's a good thing. When we purchase new fabric for a project, we always hold our breath when we are trying to make sure we have enough, and that didn't leave much room for even one cutting error!


The following is not for the faint of heart!

In an effort to make sure I don't give the wrong impression here, I am going to post something I never thought I would share with ANYONE! All I think I've ever shown on this blog is a tidy stewdio, a tidy yard, a tidy garden and tidy quilts. Someone asked in the last post about where's my junk?

JUNQUE? Well, I have plenty of it to spare and to share, but it's carefully hidden away, of course. B e w a r e (cue the spooky music) on your journey to the dark underbelly of my stewdio!

First, you will always find a pile of it, sitting patiently by the door, waiting to be escorted downstairs. (Judy and Libby, the place you will be going to is called a basement in Kansas.)

And don't think you can ride the chair assist to go downstairs, either! The JUNQUE has priority seating! It seems there's always something waiting to go. It can't leave the station until the balcony and lower levels are both full, you know.

EEEEKKKKK!!!!! Dark Shadows abound!

It does help to turn on a light, but I gotta tell you that it's getting harder and harder to even get to the switch!

Wait a this stuff coming or going ... or going or coming? Who knows anymore. There's some of Mother's things I brought back from her apartment, there's some Christmas wrappings from last year, there's some of this year's future Christmas presents, and of course, fabric. Bags of fabric, baskets of fabric, boxes of fabric, crates of fabric, and anything that will hold fabric will have fabric inside.

You are now looking at the west side of what I call the Mezzanine level as you go down to the bottom of the stairs. Some of this stuff has been brought in and out of here several times over the last year, too. Oh, and of course, while you are there, you can always do a couple of sets of crunches on the exercise ball, too:)

The other side of the Mezzanine will show you just a bit of the custom cupboards that were made to hold....what else...fabric when we moved here about 8 years ago. And they do. But, you know, the floor just holds more and it's easier to see, right? The Inspira quilt frame was a good idea at the time (another long story). It's been been used exactly one time. Know anyone who might want or need a nice 5' frame that expands to 10? It holds ANY sewing machine sideways to let you quilt (on three rolls) easily. Let's talk. It would certainly make my hubby happy to have more room. But who are we kidding here? You know it would make me sad not to have a place to hang fabric to audition it for the next project!

So there you have it, Elaine! Be careful of what you ask for, be VERY careful! HA! (And for those of you will ask - and I know you will - the lamp on the floor is NOT plugged in for me to see the fabrics better, it's just on it's way in...or is that out?)


Elaine Adair said...

Oh dear - I am SOOOO relieved to see you also, are just like the rest of us - overwhelmed with our stuff! LOL

My own house is very small, so the junk is visible everywhere! It's not dirty, just cluttered! If I had a larger house I would have larger junk!

Thanks for admitting uhhhh, human-ness!

smiling Elaine Adair 8-)

Angie said...

Sharon, that quilt is GORGEOUS!!! I so admire those of you that do such beautiful work and then 'give' it away. If I ever get anything 'done done', then I want to keep! :/ LOL Are you serious about the quilt frame? I've been thinking about one. Is it easy to load? Pricey? Details please. LOL

And just let me say--neither you NOR Elaine have STUFF everywhere like this ole girl!!! ROFL My dh does get quite perturbed at times with my treasures (read LOTS of CLUTTER here)!! LOL

Judy said...

I am SOO proud of you!! You said you just were not going down to the basement yet and did it!

Looks heavenly to me! Any sort of basement looks fabulous to me! What me to come back and organize it all for you? I love to organize!

Nancy said...

Well, Honey, I FINALLY felt right at home in your home! All that tidiness was putting me to shame.

What's odd, though, is that DH and I spent about four hours YESTERDAY cleaning up the rubble in our basement because Octavia was due this morning to give it a good, thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Once again, I failed to take BEFORE pics but perhaps I'll take AFTERs tonight.

And the quilt is splendid! I love the lattice -- I made a couple of quilts with that lattice after I saw it on the Stack and Whack pattern.

Karen said...

The quilt is marvelous. And you're going to give it away?? That is the kindest thing. Love seeing inside the cupboard AND downstairs all in one swoop.

How come you don't like the Inspira? I'll take a guess and say the working width isn't wide enough? Or is that not a problem...

KCQuilter said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That basket quilt is stunning. How generous you are!!! And thanks for sharing your "junque"--sure made me feel better LOL!

calquiltr said...

Gorgeous quilt! Love the small baskets and setting. Now, if I only had a basement...instead my junque is house-wide!