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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Time to contemplate

I was on one of my favorite "waste time and money" web sites, Etsy, and I found Allison Strine's page (her username is allisonstrine). I swam around with her a while, and noticed that one of the things listed in her profile is "Favorite Materials". So I just had to ask her how the heck did she use Necco wafers in her work? Here is her reply:

Necco wafers - they go in my mouth. MMmmmm! You've been working with too many new media if you want to add candy in! hee heee!

I guess it's really time to stop playing around with my glop and goo and get back to the business of cleaning and contemplating. So, I've put away everything in it's proper place and cleaned up the stewdio to get busy on unfinished projects that are nibbling at my brain.

In the meantime, I've got some napkins to iron, so it's a good time to contemplate what's going you do that, too? Ironing is a nice activity. No pressure, and quick results. Napkins are about the only thing I iron anymore, though.

I've been contemplating moving my mother's small table downstairs to the apartment. Well, what used to be her apartment before she moved to the retirement center. This is the view looking to the west in my stewdio. The table is right in front of my sewing area.

And this is the view when you walk into the stewdio, looking southwest.

I've kept it here in my studio for about 2 months, now, and hubby keeps telling me it's time to move it so I can have more room. I love this table, and it seems that it draws me to sit at it and write notes, draw pictures, look at magazines, and play with pictures. I've got a lovely desk, but it doesn't do this for me. I've got a lot of space at my new sewing table, but I don't think it does this for me either. So, what's with this table?

I didn't grow up with this table, and it really has no sentimental value to it, either. It wasn't my mother's until we moved it to her new retirement apartment. It used to belong to a mother-in-law of one of my friends before she was moved to an Alzheimers Unit. The near coincidental timing is a bit uncanny, as it is the only size table that would have fit in the corner in my mother's new apartment. It's such an unusual size at 38" square, with two leaves to add to make it a full banquet size rectangle.

I think it will stay here in this room a while longer. It's so heavy that I need to get my son and another friend to move it, so that's an easy answer for now. I might move it across the room next to the design wall and see how it lives there. Here's the veew of that wall - looking to the north in the room. It would sit where the ironing board is leaning now.

Now, I am back to ironing those napkins, and planning my next quilting move. I think it will probably be to finish up Everything but the Kitchen Sink with the 1930's reproductions.


Elaine Adair said...

What am amazingly beautiful room to work in -- but ... where's all your junk? Do you actually keep it looking this wonderful?

I am drooling with envy - and all that lovely GREEN out your windows. Heavenly.

Sharon said...

Actually, Elaine, in between projects, I clean up and pile stuff up downstairs in the "former apartment". To be fair, I should take some pictures down there before it gets its housekeeping done, too.

And the green outside? It's been raining and raining and raining! We will be taking out the three junipers in the 3 center windows behind where I sew because they've gotten too big. But there's more green beyond them, too:)

Karen said...

How I love seeing sewing studios. Yours is like a dream come true. Those heavenly windows and the greengreen yard beyond. Kansas must be heaven! I want to see pics of the downstairs area! The table does look very inspiring and goes so well with the decorated-panel cupboard (what's in the cupboard by the way? :-) ).

joyce said...

You have an incredibly big lovely sewing room and I can see why you like that table. It really seems to fit in there. I know what you mean about rain, rain, rain. And it looks like rain again here today. I think we have the same weather patterns as you do.

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful stewdio is inspiring. I think sitting at that table with a cuppa and a quilt magazine to read would be ideal...except you might want to turn off that rain. That greenery looks lovely, though. Have fun with your UFOs.

Judy said...

Did you move something around? Wasn't the shelf unit where the ironing borad is? I like the table up there. it sits right perfect and can be used for just about anything. I'd vote to let it stay for a while longer.

Libby said...

If the table invites you to be creative, then maybe it's already in just the right spot *s*

When I'm in a contemplative mood, I love to wash and dry dishes by hand. It's chore that can be done by rote leaving my little pea brain free to think alternate thought.