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Monday, June 25, 2007

Just playing around

Well, after a couple of whirlwind days and lots of fun with everyone, I am now back in the stewdio playing around. Last Thursday, I got the privilege of escorting Libby and Judy around town, shopping and laughing. They were even honorary Quilt Babes for a night because my stitch group came to fete them, too. It was loverly getting to meet some other blogmates - one from the left coast and one from the right coast. Pretty special!

I've been mulling over a couple of different techniques in my head for my next art piece. So today, I finally got to try one out. So far, I'm not pleased with the results, but I sure do like the process. It's messy, and it's fun, and everyone stays away from me because they think they will mess things up. HA! As if that could happen. This is probably the most free form thing I've done recently!

This is the piece in progress, and I like the colors, but not the entire collage. The pieces didn't carry the colors through the way I thought they would/should. So I have to think about this a while.

Here it is drying. I think I will probably cut it up, and embellish it on something else that I make. I like parts of it, but not all of it together.

I read about this technique called Fabric paper in the latest copy of Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Of course, it isn't really new, just used differently. I have all the previous copies of this magazine and I see that there are 6 other ways to do this too - each of them just layering the collage materials in different ways and different strengths of the decoupage medium.

Tomorrow, I am going to try the same process again, only in a different way, using different materials. We'll see if this goes any further.


atet said...

Wow -- I go away for awhile and have some internet problems and look what I miss! Your quilts and artwork are inspiring as usual! That wabi sabi quilt is beautiful and deserves a good home! Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

My goodness that's pretty.

Judy said...

I agree it needs some sparkle...I think cutting it up would be fabulous! Don't we look great! My picture turned out great too! That's in the next installment of us on our trip!

You really outdid yourself being host again! Thanks for everything wonderful friend! Can't wait to see you next year!

Linda_J said...

Looks like a fun technique, Sharon and so different than the primitives show the girls were going to. Who is who though? Guess we stay tuned!

allison strine said...

absolutely fabulous!!