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Monday, July 30, 2007

Another Day in the Midwest

Today's activities included but were not limited to:

Green beans from the garden, finally picked, cleaned, and prepped for canning. Said canning was completed by 10:30 PM. All I did was one canner load, which means only 9 pints. But I did have enough left to make another big pot to eat, and to share with our neighbors next door.

Because my morning was interrupted with three grandchildren (and one of their friends), other plans were put aside in lieu of playing. I had to send a note to our dear Bonnie of Quiltville to get her (famous in Kansas) zucchini bread recipe anyway. I only wish the kitchen fairy would come and make this zucchini bread. I don't think it will bake very well in this condition, do you? I'll post Bonnie's recipe tomorrow if the bread gets baked.

And a day would'nt be complete without a tad bit of sewing, would it? I've got the binding sewn on the basket quilt that will be donated to our local Cancer Action auction. This will allow me to sit with hubby and sew it down - which will take no time at all.

The braids for the "not-to-be" border have been packaged up with leftover fabrics, and I've been thinking I shall make a strippy lap quilt with them when I finish other projects. This might be a nice "masculine" quilt to have on hand, so I will pursue that thought later.

The flip-circles (crop circles) will be taken off the wall tomorrow. I'll post the explanation why at the time, along with some statistics. My brain hurts today.

Bonnie and Clyde always huddle together when the kids are around. With a 2.5 year old little boy who thinks they can't hear him unless he shouts in their faces, who can blame them? They seem to think this chair is their safe haven. If you click on the picture, you'll see "their" cat quilt on the back, because they love to sprawl on the back of the chair. Without the quilt, the top looks like it has a black edge!


Judy said...

Maybe it's just a good vantage point where they can see any quick movements and approaches from kids!

yes please share the recipe! Off all the jobs of making a quilt sewing on the binding is my least favorite. Not the hand sewing down on the back part, but sewing it on at first with the machine. It always seems to be a wrestling match even with a walking foot!!

Anonymous said...

....and now you're canning beans and making zuchini bread. I can't believe all you do. Yes, would love the bread recipe and hope to make it even tho I have a recipe and have made it in the past. Love Bonnie and Clyde. My Max reacts the same way when the grandkids come. They call him the crabby old cat. He's so set in his ways, even more so than I. Ha. No sewing for me today, the grandkids came to swim and will again tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight to sew anything. Will wait for you blog tomorrow. Sherri

Karen said...

Bonnie and Clyde look darling.