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Saturday, July 07, 2007

And another quilting day

I've jumped on the bandwagon and upgraded my template. I think I like it better, and it seems easier to read. I really, really like how easy it is to change the banner, too. Let me know if you have issues with any of the colors for the sidebar, the main posts, or the links. I've looked at it on two different computers, but they are both Macs, so who really knows but you?

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the midwest, and today promises more of the same. It was in the 80's, and still pretty hot, but much lower in humidity than in days past. I didn't really get much done outside, but all in all, it's nice to see the sun shine again. I had to take out the last of the summer squash, and I got an entire THREE squashes from the plant. I think it's been too wet for it. Oh well, there's always next year. I'm still waiting on the zucchini plant to produce and the tomatoes to turn red.

Yesterday morning Hubby and I finally decided on a treadmill to be added to the family. After much discussion and education, we decided that a Fitline would be just right for both of us to use. Not at the same time, however!

My son's girls go back East tomorrow for their 5 weeks of the summer with their mother. Today, they'll be over for a cook-out and a swim as our farewells. They'll be missed, but I'm sure they will have a good time seeing their aunt and their other grandmother. Pool pictures later.

After breakfast, I'll be working on another Flimsy. Remember this one from a while back? It will be another big honker - I think it will finish at 94" X 106". I've got it on the design wall, and now I have 9 more 6" blocks to make. It seems that it never ends! LOL! I think I am going to make a braided border, so that means I need to pick out a few more pieces of fabric. Right now, all I have are mostly the darks, and some lighter pieces will make it "move" a lot more.

This quilt is such a departure from my usual lighter and brighter stuff. The blocks were exchanged between three/four friends over a couple of years. When I went to set them together, I used one of Bonnie's setting patterns because I liked the way it has the diagonal stripes. But, the darker fabrics were what really tied all the blocks together, and more or less showed them off. So, now, we'll have a winter quilt - or maybe, just maybe, this will be a gift to someone that occasionally reads my blog. We'll see when it's all done and quilted!


dot said...

Enjoy the treadmill. I really like your quilt. It is nice and I am not much of a brown person. This quilt really catches my eye.

Anonymous said...

I love this quilt! What a great way to use and set a lot of different blocks.
Kathy B

Ms. Jan said...

You've been very, very busy lately and it all looks great. Love the new header, too!

Judy said...

Oh I really like this quilt and I love the setting this way too. I agree that having the darker browns with the pieced blocks just makes them pop out that much more! I love to see quilts that have the diagonal settings appear even when you didin't really do it....magic!

The new template is wonderful! Love the color and it shows up perfectly on my Windows big screen monitor!

One more thing, Mom got her bottle of anti nausea pills on the first dr.s visit and had them all ready to use, but so far hasn't needed them luckily. She's doing taxol and carbo as her 2 chemo drugs. Thanks Sharon.

Libby said...

Oooh that setting is really lovely - going to be a gorgeous quilt!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Viewed with a PC and using Internet Explorer it looks WONDERFUL. Very soothing and easy to read.

Love, love the quilt!

Libby said...

Wowza! Love the block setting.
Glad to hear that the weather is nice . . .the reports we have gotten here tell us that you have been wet, wet, wet. I'm getting close to my first tomato of the year. I spied a little something reddish over the weekend - not quite there yet. But soon *s*

Sweet P said...

I just found your blog from you responding to my Pay it Forward. You are on my list. I need you send me your snail mail address.

Anonymous said...

Loved the new format of your blog. Sherri

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I love the brown quilt. You do such gorgeous work and get so much accomplished. I'm envious. I think I waste too much time. I finally learned to do this thanks to Wendy. (comments) Happy Sewing. I love your blogs...seeing your pictures etc. Sherri

disa said...