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Monday, July 16, 2007

Cherry Limeade

I'm still working on the Block Exchange quilt. I only have 8 more rows to go before the center of the top is together. Then I want to add a 2" red border all around, and a speed pieced braid as the last border. I find that over the last few quilts, I've used Janet Kime's The Border Workbook a lot. Today, I saw a 10th anniversary edition of it at JoAnn's - who would have thought it's been around that long? It's a great book for border ideas and how-to-do-them! So here's a picture of how a speed pieced braid looks:

I can't decide whether to make the braid the same size as the blocks, smaller or larger. The center blocks finish at 6"....any suggestions?

Even though the colors of this quilt are growing on me as I work with it, I am contemplating starting something new. (Bad, Quiltgranny! No biscuit!)

Last Friday I went to a small local quilt show with one of the Quilt Babes. It was sort of uninspiring and disappointing. Not only was it small, but there didn't seem to be much variety in the quilts on display. I forgot my camera, but that's OK, because there wasn't anything I would have taken a picture of! If a LQS had not had their personal quilts on display, I think there would have only been a dozen or so other quilts, but even so, they were just like the block of the month that were offered by the LQS.

Hmmmmmm, I wonder what a Fall quilt show will be like from another quild? Their quilt shows are usually jaw-dropping gorgeous, and I am hoping that it will be! I need more inspiration, right?

When we stopped at the two of the quilt shops closest to the show, I just "happened" to run across some lime green and some pink to add to the pile of black and whites I have left over from some of the "waiting to be finished" projects.

These colors are just calling to me. It's unusual for me to have a name for a quilt before I've even decided what exact pattern it will be. So, maybe Cherry Limeade will go to the top of the projects -- who knows?


Karen said...

Cute name. Love all the fabrics, esp. the bottom one, wow.

joyce said...

I love that border. I may have to get that book. I have never seen it in a store but it looks amazing. Your new fabrics look delicious.

Angie said...

Those Cherry Limeade fabrics are luscious!! :>) I've been debating on whether or not I wanted to purchase that book, so I'm really glad you shared the braid border page with us. That decided it for me...and the fact that you said it also explains HOW to do the different I'm off to Amazon...AGAIN. ROFL

Anonymous said...

Sharon, you amaze me with all you get done! Do you ever sleep? I love the name of your new quilt to be and the new fabric too. What an inspiration you are! I love the braid border and will have to purchase the book.

Judy said...

After watching you find prints in person..I'd say these are right up your alley! Love the pink one and the polka dot black and pink...oh heck, they are all fabulous!