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Saturday, July 14, 2007

How to make a 15 minute block in 86 minutes

I always use this book for my generic blocks. It has all sorts of blocks with different sizes for the same block, and it's quick and easy to use.

I've exchanged 6.5" blocks with friends for the last couple of years, and as you know from a few posts ago, I've been getting the last few of mine done to complete a king size top. I am down to the last two blocks of a total of 16 blocks to complete the set.

So, today, I perused the block book to find 2 blocks not previously used in these 82 blocks on the wall. And I found one that was all comprised of all the same size half square triangles. Not too hard, eh?

So here's my steps:

1) Choose the pattern (5 minutes)
2) Cut the fabric (10 minutes)
3) Piece two triangles together to discover the size is incorrect (5 minutes)
4) Re-cut all the fabric in the CORRECT size (10 minutes)
5) Sew the 16 correct sized HSTs, and lay them out in the placement grid (10 minutes)
6) Remove three HSTs that were sewn with one of the fabrics upside down. (1 minute)
7) Unsew them, then re-sew correctly. (10 minutes)
8) Preview in the placement grid. (1 minute)
9) Sew each row carefully keeping the HST in the correct position (5 minutes)
10) Press the block (1 minute)
11) Unsew 2 rows with 3 HSTs sewn the wrong direction (5 minutes)
12) Remove the offending 3 HSTs from their respective rows (3 minutes)
13) Get a diet coke and cool down (15 minutes)
14) Re-sew the HSTs in each row correctly (5 minutes)
15) Sew each row back together, then take one off, turn it around and sew it correctly (10 minutes)

Here's my 86 minute block from the 15 minute section(6" finished)

No wonder it's taking me forever to get two blocks done! And here's the block inserted in the top. As you can see, I only have one more to do, plus one more connector block. I wonder if I can get them done before dinner?


Libby said...

Comedy of errors, huh? Comfort yourself with the fact that it's going to be an AMAZING quilt! If I had been sewing that block I would probably have tucked it away and come back and finished it months later - so you finished in record time.

Libby said...

Only 86 minutes? You are a star *s* That is going to be one gorgeous quilt!

joyce said...

What an interesting looking quilt and so many different blocks! I am impressed.

Ms. Jan said...

You've been watching me!!! LOLOL I can make a sewing mountain out of the smallest molehill. I've never seen that book, but I'll be looking for it. I love block collection books and am sick of the Around the Block series.

Carolyn said...

what a beautiful quilt! You left me a comment on joining in on my pay it forward...are you doing it twice? :o) I couldn't reply to your email, so thought I'd catch up with you here. Send me your address info and I'll get something made and off to you...any color preferences?


Karen said...

I think 86 minutes is fast, it would be in my sewing room anyway. I work just like you do, especially the diet coke part. Your quilt top is spectacular!

Linda_J said...

Oh, Sharon, I can feel your pain. Some days are like that, aren't they?

I whizzed through a grid I drawn on the backside of a quilt yesterday and immediately was humbled when I flipped it over to trim it to find a gigantic fold on the edge--which led to the removal of one whole corner and slightly resizing the whole border on one side. Sheesh! That will teach me to be so smug.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I really love your quilt. Good for you for getting it done. I'm glad to know about that book. Always fun to hear about your great tips! Can't wait to see the quilt when it's complete. You are a dynamo in getting things done. Sherri

Anonymous said...

86 minutes? Piece of cake. For me, the chronicle would start with 23 minutes of trying to find the book. Thanks for a Monday morning smile! Wendy

Judy said...

Ah you kill me! Too funny. Why is it that the easier it should be the longer it takes?? It's going to be fabulous!

Helen said...

Hi Sharon

What a great post! Lol. may I have permission to use it in our club newsletter. It is really funny.

Sharon said...

But of course you can use it! It's not meant as a serious tutorial, you know. If that was the case, I would have changed the diet coke to a Michelob beer! LOL!