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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Two posts in one night!

You know how you have lots of things to tell people when you haven't seen them for a while? That's how I feel tonight! Since the next two pictures really don't fit in with anything else that I've posted for a while, I thought I would separate them out.

This picture is Clyde, my twenty pound helper cat. He is the brother to the little princess Bonnie that I posted earlier who was sleeping on the stack of quilts. Here, he is stretched out against the wall. He's sleeping on the part of a 110" quilt top that is too long to be on the design wall. It was stitch group this past Thursday night, and we had some show and tell. And afterward, we left the quilt top pinned to the wall and visited for a while. Next thing we knew, there was the anchor to the quilt!

The next picture is another one of my shard pieces. Ever have problems with your gazing balls breaking in the hail storms or rolling away in high wind? I do, here in Kansas where we get high winds each spring. One year, I watched as over 10 of my beautiful glass gazing balls broke in a ferocious hail storm in the middle of the day. They *were* beautiful, though, exploding pieces of glass shining in the sun, sparkling with the crazy rain, and blowing around in the wind. So, I got to thinking about all those bowling balls I see at garage sales that are really really cheap! And sometimes they're even free!

Now, my friends give me bowling balls, and depending on my mood, they might be elegant like this one, or funky with buttons or whatever.......Of course, not all the friends who have given me bowling balls have gotten them back. Some of them just get to stay on in my yard!


Tonya R said...

OOh, a mosaic'd bowling/gazing ball. I love it. How many have you made?

I hope hail can't damage this one like it's taken out your glass ones. Any way to mosaic with the glass shards or are they too thin?

Show us a picture of your yard.

Sewcatherine said...

Love it. I saved broken china for YEARS but never could think of anything to do with it other than tables or vases. I wish I had known about bowling balls before I threw the box away. It was full of antique glass and pottery. Shoot.