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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Loves of my life

These are my first two grand-daughters who live about 10 minutes away. Julia Grace(on the left) is only 10 years old, but is about 5' tall already. Audrey Anne(on the right) is 8 this year and is as different from Julia as night and day!

Recently, I cleaned out boxes in my Mom's attic in order to have an estate sale there. I found these two old prom dresses that she had saved from my high school days almost 40 years ago! The blue one was my first date - to a Boy Scout Explorer's Ball! The green one is from a Snowball Prom in the winter. Too bad I don't have any pictures of me in them, eh?

I cleaned them up, and put them in their room here at my house, and this is minutes after they found them. The tiara was also from the Snowball too. Lots of memories here, and so strange seeing my grand girls wearing my dresses from so long ago!

Julia likes to sew on my machines, and has a grand idea of making her own quilt. In two years, she has exactly 4 split rail fence blocks done. She just gets to chattering so much, she forgets what else she's doing. Audry, on the other hand, wants to know how the machine works, and could care less about the fabric stuff.

And the most recent addition to my loves of my life is our little Stephen William. Mr. Blue Eyes will be one year old the day before Halloween this year. So far, he likes to play in the fabric squares and sleep on his puppy dog kisses quilt. Since my computer crashed a couple of months ago, I need to search out which CD the pictures of his quilt reside. Maybe that's this afternoon after I go to lunch with the neighborhood Bunco group!


Sarah said...

Sharon -

Cute grandbabies - especially Mr. Blue Eyes. My own mr Blue eyes is 4 years old. I am going to miss spending my days with him when he goes to kindergarten next fall!

Sarah N.

Finn said...

Beautiful grandkids. How fun to see the girls in your prom dresses...and what a treasure to have their picture. Love little Mr. Blue Eyes..such a cutie. His birthday will always be a party I'll bet.

Dawn said...

OH those girls are just tooo cute! What a fun picture of them. And what gorgeous eyes Stephen has! I am missing my kids being so young and cute ....... (they are in the ugly teen stage right now)! I've been told they will "love" me again when they get to about 22!

Joanne said...

Beautiful grandchildren! Stephen looks like my pride and joy, Aaron James (AJ) Jr. AJ turned 19 months old last Saturday. I just love the hugs from baby boys!

Scrapmaker said...

What beautiful grandchildren! Love the dress up photos, that was my favorite game as a little girl. When I used to babysit my neices, they did the same. Hope I have a grand-daughter somewhere in my future! Jen