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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Thread catchers

Well, you all asked to see the thread catchers we made at my little impromtu craft group the other night. So here they are!

The first one is the pattern that we followed from a purchased bag. The second one that is pinned to my design wall is the one that I made. I used my mother's oxygen tubing for the stability around the top circle of the bag. They turned out to be pretty easy after all.

I also found crushed walnut shells that were pretty inexpensive at PetSmart for the filling on the pincushions. The three gals who made these had a good time, and still don't want to be quilters. They assure me that their innoculations are still good against the quilt pox, but you never know when the virus might hit.


Tonya R said...

There's an innoculation against quilt pox??? We'd better find it and destroy the vaccine before any more potential quilters can be damaged.

I like the fabric on the lower thready catcher. Very sewy.

Joanne said...

Oxygen tubing -- great idea on the thread catchers! I used plastic canvas strips in mine and they aren't quite as stiff as I'd like!
Great idea! Joanne

Dawn said...

Oh they turned out so great! And oxygen tubing was inspired! I finally asked what was in the top of mine and it is the stupid plastic strips that get cut off the outside of boxes in a store or around a box of paper! Now I would never have thought of that!