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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Old work new again

I've been digging through my bins, promising myself to finish old projects before starting new. Now, they are overwhelming me! LOL!

This particular piece is a fun one I started with two other gals about 5 years ago. I put it aside because I couldn't handquilt it (lyphedema in my right arm), and I just wasn't that good with machine quilting. As the years have gone by, it got buried further and further down in the box. Today, it appeared!

It is a triptych piece, made by cutting a greeting card into three pieces. I gave two of the pieces to quilting friends, and they never saw the whole. The rules were that you had to stick to the colors shown, and we enlarged the card (after we drew the main elements we wanted) to total 9" X 28" - I think that was 400%, but it's been so long, I can't remember. I also can't find the original card - yet.

At any rate, it is now out of the bin, and sitting on my design wall for me to finish the quilting on Monday. That is my goal, anyway. Let's see what happens!


Sarah said...

Sharon -

I love this project! I have always wanted to try that method of making a quilt with friends. Please show it to us again when it is finished!

Sarah N.

Scrapmaker said...

This is so pretty! Hope you finish it. Jen

Joanne said...

Cool quilt! I like the colors!

Darcie said...

Your work-in-progress looks great...I can't wait to see it once you're finished.
Are the vines embroidered or couched?
Have fun with the machine quilting!

Sharon said...

The answer to your question about whether the vines are embroidered or couched is YES! Since there were three of us, there are actually embroidered, couched and appliqued vines here. That's what makes it so fun - to see how three people all about the same skill level approach an interpretation of a picture!

Finn said...

Awesome idea and finished product Sharon ! I'm impressed. Never would have thought of that..the division of the card.
Kudos to you girl !! Love the colors.