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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nothing goes as planned

No picture today, and nothing new to share. Just an inordinate amount of paperwork to do, housecleaning to catch up on, and phone calls to make. I originally thought I would quilt yesterday, but instead of that, I cleaned my sewing room so I could start with a fresh slate. Tonight I have a couple of friends, newly made, coming over to make thread catcher bags. Neither of them quilt, but they do sew. They both fell in love with my thread catcher bags that I have sitting all over the place - one on my ironing board, one by my sewing machine, and one by the design wall. I've made kits of what they need, already cut and labeled, so it should be an easy job!


Finn said...

What a good idea to make the thread catchers with new friends ! How about showind us one of yours???
Never worry about no picture today or something new to share. It's always good to just see YOU.

Dawn said...

Oh I would love to see your thread catchers you make also! I have a couple, but need to track down the lady who made them for me to get more!