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Friday, September 09, 2005

A few more quilts

I know we are all wondering what we can do for the Katrina evacuees. I keep thinking I should just empty my quilt cupboards and send them on their way, but for me the joy of giving is seeing the person's response when they receive the gift. That's probably selfish on my part, and not truly an unconditional "gift", but that's how I work, I guess. I just found out that our local Children's Mercy Hospital has taken in about 75-100 children, and our local Linus Project is asking for quilts. I finished up 2 single fleece throws that are simply tied on the ends, and then this little star quilt that's about 45" square. I am going to drop them off at the hospital tomorrow.

Once upn a time I had a sister-in-law who was very sweet. I've kept in touch with her off and on, and the last time we were at Mayo Clinic with my husband (in June), we saw here there. She is quite young, and has been diagnosed with colon cancer. She's been taking chemotherapy and radiation treatments. This month, she is going to have radical surgery, so I decided she needed a comfort blanket. This is one of Terry Atkinson's patterns (again!) called TicTacMo. I've made it with butterflies as the predominant fabric, and then used her favorite colors in the blocks. She lives in Minnesota, so I know she will enjoy cuddling up with this quilt this fall and winter.

And last, I've started a pile of quilts that I need to sew bindings down. There's a king size Dresden Plate made from leftover blades from one of my friend's birthday quilts, the king size Minnesota Chainsaw, my watermelon quilt (which needs quilting), and a couple of vintage quilts that I had quilted for a neighbor. When I turned around from taking the picture of TicTacMo, my little Princess Bonnie had claimed the pile. Guess this a new meaning for the Princess and the Pea!


Bonnie said...

Love the blue and gold ohio star/9 patch's just so rich looking! The tic tac moe is one I've not done yet, but every time I see it, it calls to me. and I love pics of furry purries on quilt piles!

I walked with Mary Kay today. She has ONE MORE CHEMO to go...everything is responding well, and she still drags ME up and down the hills when we walk ;c)


Tonya R said...

It's not selfish at all to want to see the person/child you are giving a quilt to. Those quilts will definitely be appreciated.

Dawn said...

Oh these are wonderful! Your sil is going to love that tic-tac-mo. And the star quilt is so cute.

I was going to send my scrap quilts to Texas, but now I hear 100 people are coming to a town near us, so I"m also going to give them directly to them. I"ll feel so much better knowing they actually fell in hands of someone who needs them!