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Friday, October 07, 2005

First Quilt

So here is my first quilt,ala Bonnie. This quilt was made for a special niece and her husband, and they requested "Warm, please." Not knowing any better, I bought TWO high loft batts for the warmth. This quilt was tied, but I did try to machine quilt through that stuff on the borders - and of course, that was quickly abandoned.

Shortly after I made this quilt, (which they love, btw) I saw an old diary at a museum. What was so fascinating was that the maker had drawn the picture of what she had made. Sometimes it was a dress, sometimes it was a quilt. And best of all, she had also attached snippets of the fabric.

It was nice to flip back through my journal and add the fabric pieces. For some reason I stopped keeping a quilt journal. I have all my quilts in digital pictures, but I rarely print them off anymore. If they are special, like my art quilts, I have them professionally photographed and appraised. I need to really start my journal again. It was great to see the fabrics I had used, and I'll bet I have some scraps left here or there of the ones I've missed. Who knows,someone in the future might be inspired to play with fabric, too, just like I was!


Dawn said...

I know, I should keep a journal also. I used to get pictures developed and put them in an album. Well then over the years I got the pictures and they sit in an envelope. Now I have digital and they don't even get printed out! But I do love going back and looking - so why don't I keep the scrapbook up?

Joanne said...

What a great idea, Sharon -- adding fabric pieces to the quilt journal! Now, if I could just make myself make a quilt journal to begin with! By the time I finish a quilt, I forget all about writing about it!

Nancy and Family said...

I like Garden Gremlins. You have an incredible eye for color.

Scrapmaker said...

Terrific journal, something I always think about but never do. Jen

Debra Spincic said...

Digital has spoiled me.

I did go back and photograph all the quilts I made from the 1980s to the present and load them to a webshots album. That was quite a job!

Good idea with the journal. Will you write mine?? pleeeze?