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Monday, October 17, 2005

Dresden Plates and I Spy bag

Another beautiful day here in the Heartland finds me happy, happy, happy! Maybe later on, I'll post some pictures of the yard from this last spring.

I started the day by being fourth in line for my flu shot at 9:30 AM, and I was back home by 10 AM! I got to sew the binding on the last quilt that was patiently waiting. Now, I can sit with hubby in front of the TV and hand sew it down. I just don't do the turned binding by machine very nicely, it seems. I guess I also like the last "hands on" of the quilt before it goes into use - sort of like a last meal with your baby before they go to college or get married or go into the service.

It happens to be a reproduction 1930's Dresden Plate. I looked around a lot for a setting that I liked. I can't remember which of you Mavericks found your Gramma's plates and were wondering how to set them? Here's my suggestion. I quite like them. BTW, the cat is not part of the embellishment on the quilt. Even though she thinks this is HER quilt, there will be another one that she will claim soon. Quite fickle!

And someone else asked for a more complete description of the wonderful I Spy bag that a friend of mine sent for my little Stephen. So here's the picture. Unfortunately, you can't see everything that's in it, but you *can* see how it's constructed. It's a simple 10" square of fleece (both top and bottom), with a window sewn in made from heavyweight vinyl. It's stitched together several times around with a heavy zigzag stitch. The edges are pinked. Everything in it is miniature toy like things with no sharp edges. I would imagine you could put anything in the pouch that you'd like. The list that was sent along with it says what's in it:

A happy face, a clothes pin, a turtle, a lady bug, a wreath, a shell, a jingle bell, a googley eye, a flag, a spool of thread, a crayon, a gold slipper, an apple, a wrench, a button, a marble, a dolphin, a daisy, a star, a pencil, a moon, a paper clip, a watch, and a penny.


Dawn said...

Sharon! I love that setting for your dresden plates. What a happy quilt!

And thank you for posting the picture of the I spy pouch! I get it now! What a cute idea! I'm going to have to make one for my new great-niece - when she gets a bit older!

Sewcatherine said...

The Dresden plates are beautiful and they look so perfect too!! Just curious about your trees...were they saplings when you planted them? Did you do it yourself? We have nothing but pines in our front yard and they are all over 40 years old. Husband doesn't like that but I don't want a 'treeless' front yard. Yuck. Plus it makes the neighbors Very unhappy.

Tracey said...

Sharon, that is a BEAUTIFUL quilt!! It was me that had to plates from my grandma...and I most DEFINITELY will be setting them this way. It is STUNNING!!