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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Could this be October?

Once again my summer has disappeared while I've been busy doing other things. Late last night and early this morning, I've been looking at blogs, smiling, and shaking my head as I go.

I had all sorts of plans to sew yesterday (and several other days too), but they were changed even before I got up! My daughter called and told me that the kids were out of school and were begging to come over. So that's what the day was. I offer this blog as my one and only contribution to the Halloween festivities. Originally, I was going to begin AND complete a pumpkin patch wall hanging, but hey! there's always next year right?

So we got the day started with the girls favorite lunch - tuna salad on croissants. I got to unveil Stephen's "I SPY" pouch while the girls were making their sandwiches. The pouch was made by my friend Wendy in California - isn't it a great idea? It is made of fleece with a see through vinyl window, filled with micro beads and all sorts of I spy things. There's a spider, a turtle, a Polly Pocket dolphin, a crayon, a wreath, a smiley face, a googly eye, and on and on and on. Stephen just loves it!

Stephen also got to play with the animated cat that screams and turns it's head around that the girls brought for us. You'd think he would scare him, but nooooooooo! He just giggled and kept pointing at it's eyes! LOL!

After lunch, we went to see Wallace and Gromit. It is absolutely hilarious!! Everyone should go see this, even if you don't have a kid to escort you! I just can't imagine the Claymation animation patience those creators use! Then it was home again, home again where we had a quick swim. Can you believe it? October, and we are still swimming? Now, of course, I have to admit, we have the heater going, but all the same. It was 85 degrees this afternoon and it was just delightful!

We also decided to give the pumpkins some faces instead of carving, so here we all are after that event. On the left is Audrey (8), Julia (10), Oma and Opa (ageless). The extra pumpkin between Oma and Opa is for Stephen and it was a collaborative effort:)

And I leave you with my last traditional Halloween contribution. A picture of two conjoined black cats - actually, it's just Bonnie and Clyde taking a nap, all cuddled up together.


Nines said...

I know what you mean about time flying without seming to get anything checked off our "to-do" list. Especially with little ones under foot. But hey! It sounds like you made some wonderful memories- more precious than any quilting project. Way to go, Oma!

Dawn said...

Sharon! Your pics are so adorable of Stephen and the girls!

And the I spy pouch has me really intrigued. You have to get a picture of it so I can visualize it - what a cute idea!