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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Autumn in the Heartland

I took a little stroll through the yard to stretch my back today after I quilted and beaded a couple of hours. Dear hubby was out in the yard, doing last minute things before the last of the season. Things like picking up the hoses, and putting the styrofoam covers on all the outdoor spigots, spreading more straw out on the newly seeded areas of the lawn, and taking in the more delicate yard ornaments. I took along the camera so I could show you how big the yard is, and some of the latest changes in the trees here. Stick through to the last of the post for a reward of something related to quilting and autumn.

We've planted over 45 trees in the last five years - purple ash along the drive, blue spruce in the central garden, standard pears, red maples, sunset maples and October glory maples. I'm afraid with the heavy rains and winds that are moving in tonight, the leaves will be beaten off before they really get to turn their glorious colors.

I like the way they start to turn, just like a paintbrush has been waved over them, either from the top or just one side.

The gazebo and the dry wash were projects from 2002 when our backyard got all washed out from heavy rains. We planted those trees there too. The ones around the gazebo are all Sunset maples, with a redbud and two yellowwood trees to the south side (left). The dry wash fills completely with rainwater during the heaviest rains, and keeps our other plantings from washing away.

This is part of my central garden that sits in the middle of about 2 acres. It looks a bit tired now, but it's given us a beautiful summer. The gazing ball is the first bowling ball I did. I used all the broken tile that was leftover from the bathroom remodeling job that summer.

And the best of today? What I was working on, of course!

This piece will be ready to share very soon. After languishing in my "to do" box for 4 years, I am happy to report I only have a couple more hours of work on it. I took out some of the old stitching and beading that bothered me, and probably caused me to put it aside. Now, my skill and my creative process has matured, and I knew exactly what it needed - but most importantly, what *I* wanted to do to it! So watch this space!


Dawn said...

Sharon! I can't wait to see the full picture! It is so cool looking!

And your yard is beautiful! I hate doing stuff outside, it just isn't me, but my husband loves it. He would absolutely love all your trees. 45 of them - WOW!

We live on 5 acres and we have about 2 to 3 acres with grass and trees, the other 2 or so are just prairie weeds way in the back. Anyway, when we built it was a corn field, so there were no trees. So our yard is all very young trees yet. But he has built some very beautiful little islands like your center garden!

Finn said...

Love the pictures Sharon. Our color in northern WI is pretty well gone. Wasn't as much as normal this year.
Love the piece you are working on, and the kitty, thread pic also...what a great selection to work from..*S*

Joanne said...

Can't wait to see the finished piece -- I already love the colors of it!

Katrina Wolff said...

This looks lovely. Are you nearly finished??? Can't wait to see the finished product.