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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Now, What was I looking for?

I was originally looking for some beads to quilt and bead at the same time on the triptych wallhanging. Did I ever find the missing bead box? Nope! I found the one with all the specialty beads, but not the basic box that fits on top of it. It must be in a safe place, I guess. Whoa, wait a minute! Am I turning into my mother? I didn't find my very special crochet gloves from when I was a kid until I cleaned out Mother's house when we moved her to a retirement community. She always put special things in a "safe place", and then could never find them again, too. LOL!

At any rate, I DID find all this danged embroidery thread. I thought since it was out, I should organize it into usable types. The end result is that I have one large bunch that is called craft thread, which is like a #8 perle cotton, only in skeins. Another large bunch is actually embroidery thread that people have purchased for me as gifts over the years. You know, like the special packaged that are for sale when DMC comes out with anniversary stuff? And then the spools in the box are all my perle cottons. I love these! Some of them are hand dyed, some are Valdani cottons, but most are just #8 and #12 perles. The variegated one seem to be my favorite as I have more of them than the plain colors. And this doesn't even show all the threads I have organized in a DMC carrying case with a current project. All this from someone who really doesn't even like to embroider!

Well, at least I'll be able to choose from a wide assortment of colors for my wallhanging when I get quilting this afternoon. Beads? Why, I guess I need to change clothes and go to the bead store. Is that a sure fire way to find my basic bead box or what?


Samantha said...

Look at all those fun colors!
And yes, buying beads gaurantees finding beads, but hey, then you have even more beads. That's a good thing, right?

Dawn said...

Oh Baby! I want that box of pearle cotton in the balls! It is so hard to find around here! I finally resorted to an ebay store!

I wanted to reach right into my computer screen and snag it!

Sharon said...

Well, I didn't go buy more beads, but decided to use the blue beads I bought the last time I couldn't find my blue beads. And *that's* a good thing!

And, yes, Dawn, the perle cotton balls are hard to find here too, so whenever I go to a different quilt store or quilt show, and I find them - VOILA! They are MINE MINE MINE! If you tell me colors you are want, I'll be glad to add you to my shopping list, too!

Bonnie said...

The putting things in a 'safe place' cost me the whereabouts of my mp3 player!! I guess I was trying to keep it safe from someone snatching took forever for me to find it again! DUH!


Darcie said...

Oh Sharon,

Is black kitty thinking what I'm thinking? "Oh how fun this will be when she turns her back on me!!!" ;-)

What an awesome collection of floss!