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Sunday, April 02, 2006

New baby in the house

I've sold my other two black featherweight machines, but I kept my favorite one. I know it was manufactured in St. John's, Canada in the 40's-50's. It sews like a dream. I haven't been using it, though, since the bed of it was a little small, and I have gotten quite used to sewing with my Pfaff machine inside the sewing table, with a nice flat surface.

Since I am going to Gwen Marston's retreat in September, I knew I needed to get this sewing machine in great condition to travel because there are no rental sewing machines there. As I was getting it all cleaned and ready (am I anxious or what?), I thought about an extension table to make it easier to use. I looked everywhere on-line, and then I looked on Ebay. I found a extension there, but it had already sold. So I dug a little further, and I finally found the maker of it, found his website, and ordered it! It came yesterday, and I couldn't be happier!

If you are looking for something like this you should check out Matt Reitzug's site. I can tell you that this little table is EVERYTHING he says it will be. Mine is the "mini" so it should fit in my suitcase quite nicely. It weighs under 3 lbs too, so that's great, too!

So, now, I just need to get the needles and the attachments together, and the machine will be ready. Well, maybe not. I've been thinking I need to make a quilted cover for my new little table, and heck, why not a quilted tote for the machine too. I mean, after all, it won't be going in it's original case. I plan on putting it in my wheelie backpack as a carryon!


dot said...

What a beautiful extension table. Such a cute little machine. Enjoy.

Dawn said...

what a fun extension table! I have one for my normal machine but I"ve never seen one for a featherwt! I've always wanted one but still don't own one. Maybe someday! What a fun table.

Finn said...

What a neat extention table Sharon, and what a good idea to look for one on ebay!
Love the little machine too...and think I have a touch of Gwen envy! Beaver Island..oh my!!

Tonya R said...

Oh, yes, envious of so many things. Sigh. Quilt retreat, featherweight... You definitely plan ahead. All ready to go now.

cher said...

gorgeous table ....yes, you will inspire envy where ever you go with that beauty! oh, and that also means the machine too :-)