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Monday, April 24, 2006

Quirky Things

Quirky things about me (I was tagged by Judy at Quilting with Ragdolls)

1) I don't much care for cookies, but I LOVE cookie dough. About the only kind of cookies I really really like are those that are so soft and gooey that I think they are raw!

2) People like to talk to me, or maybe it's because I always talk to them, they HAVE to talk to me. Recently, I was with some friends at a store, and they said I couldn't go to the checkout line because we were in a hurry. I couldn't figure out what they meant, and they explained how I always get into conversations with the clerks, and before you know it, I've discovered where they are from, how many kids they have, etc, and then we're late! You can meet so many interesting people that way, you know? When I was in CA, the fellow who checked in my car at the Hertz lot was just smiling so BIG! I had to comment how beautiful it was to see him smile. Turns out he is from Sri Lanka, had family members who were devastated with the tsunami, and he was getting ready to go back there for 6 months. All the while, he was speaking in that beautiful sing song rhythm, calling me missus, and smiling all the while. A really nice ending to my trip - so I don't really care who laughs at me for talking to people so much!

3) I love being barefoot. If I could, I wouldn't ever wear shoes or socks. I go barefoot in the house in the winter, and I can hardly wait for the season to come when I can walk through the grass with no shoes. Have you ever stood in the mud, with it gooshing between your toes on a nice warm day? Walking across gravel slows me down these days, but doesn't stop me!

4) I could easily be a "modified hermit", inviting people around when *I* want them. Don't get me wrong! I love being around people, but mostly on my terms. I value my "alone" time, and I get cranky when I have to be "on" so much in any given day or week. My profile shows me to be an extrovert, but as I get older, I think maybe I just learned how to be an extrovert, and I am really meant to be a cranky old lady, living alone.

5) I am fearful in the dark. I think it goes back to when I was a little girl. My dad delighted in scaring my sister and me all the time. For example, he took us to the old black and white spooky movies at the drive-in theater, and then made us walk up the stairs to the house by ourselves, late, late at night. At some point, he would always jump out to scare us. If he didn't get us then, he would spook us after we went to bed. I can't tell you how many times I wet my pants late Friday night trying to get into the house before he scared us! And then once in the house, I had to be aware of the "ghosts" that he told us lived there with us! It drove my mom crazy, and I think maybe I'm a little crazy now, too, because of it!

6) When writing a paper for school, or a letter to someone, or even my blog page, I can't start on a blank page. When I was in school, I had to write a sentence on the top of the page, anything really to get me started. Sometimes I would just write, "Write SOMETHING, ANYTHING", hit the carriage return and then I could start. It was really hard to do this because at that time, word processors were something that very few people had, and I was just using an old fashioned typewriter. I even went so far as to skew the paper above the piece that I was typing on so that it looked like it was part of the paper. It's easier now that I have the capability to go back and erase something that I have written, or often on the blog, I will load my pictures first so I can see that there is writing there already.

I'm like Judy, and I'll leave you to list some quirky things about yourself if you'd like. It's a nice way to get to know someone behind their profile, so to speak.


Tonya R said...

I can't believe your dad - that's just mean. I always joke that my friend Siobhan has "talk to me" stamped on her forehead cuz everyone does. Would be interesting to get the two of you together and see if you cancel each other our or magnify the effect :)
I lean towards the cranky-old-hermit lady at heart too. Already made a great start on the cat collection...

Dawn said...

I loved reading your quirky things! Yours seem good compared to mine!

Katie said...

Neat way to get to know each other. Thanks for sharing and finding out lots of us share the same quirky things. I'll share soon, too.

Judy said...

Thanks so much for playing! I love reading interesting things about others too. I won't call them weird because all you have to do is read mine and...well.

I wonder if liking being alone comes with getting older. I "checked" out from my family about 2 years ago and I haven't seen any of them for about 6 months. Too much drama! I talk to my mom every few weeks, but I don't need to be surrounded by loads of people anymore. I HATE to have people come over and just show up! When sweetie gets's our private time alone.

I'm also barefoot all year round. I will wear slippers if my feet get cold, but after years of walking around barfoot, nothing bothers my feet! I hate shoes!

Laura said...

I am a barefoot gal myself. I never have shoes on unless I am headed to town or work.

Finn said...

Great weirdness sharon..all but that part of your Dad, that was just plain mean! Sadly many men of that generation don't see it that way, they think they are so "cute".

I had an uncle chase me all over the lakeshore with an leech he had taken off a fish. He was going to put it on me...I hated him that day like I had never hated anyone before or sense. He died a few years back, still unforgiven by me. Mostly because he was still laughing about it.