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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another sampler

I'm supposed to be cooking dinner. But what I really wanted to do was just finish up the cornerstones on the garden path setting for this sampler quilt. SIGH What was I thinking last year? Another sampler. AND another pink and green quilt!

This is the quilt top so far, not sewn together. It was the $2.00 block from a LQS, that really was $5.00 a block since I never got there after the first one on the right day for pickup. So, I think the quilt top actually cost me more than if I had just made it myself. The original sampler was supposed to have pink where I have the neutral. This will probably be a Christmas present for someone! The green is a muddy green, and the other colors are more "greyed" than I prefer. They called these colors Shabby Chic, but I just call it drabby.
And what would the first day of opening the pool be without the appropriate kidlets playing in the water. Here are my darlings that live close by. It was only chilly when we got out, but quite nice to play in and under the water!


Tonya R said...

Lots of people out there do love their drabby chic - someone will be thrilled with a beautiful quilt.

Cairo would be the place to shop for Shabby Chic. I'm always running across items that I think would work perfectly in one of those rooms. Lots of peeling paint and rusty iron.

Dawn said...

Oh I love those grey greens! But I like to put them with the darker prim like fabrics.

How much fun you all look in the pool! Summer may never come to IL!

Laura said...

What a lovely quilt! And the pool looks like so much fun! We opened our summer kitchen up yesterday, I sat out there last night and read, the breeze was so wonderful, of course we still will have cold temperatures here and there for quite a while.

Finn said...

The quilt is very pretty Sharon, and I'm sure someone will love it to pieces. Not my cup of tea, but I sure do admire your workmanship and dedication to detail...way to go!!!

And is that YOUR pool that is open already?? We don't even have the first sign of green grass up sure looks like fun..*S*

Sandra said...

I love the garden maze sashings - very pretty quilt :-) The pool looks very inviting - we pulled ours down for "winter" but it's still warm enough to have it up really LOL.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I like garden maze settings on samplers. I think as quilters we like to try lots of different patterns/fabrics - and might not like everything that we make - but it truly is the perfect quilt for someone out there, if it isn't your cup of tea!

Cold and windy in Canada today - not even thinking of swimming, but looks like you had a fun 1st day at the pool!