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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Another UFO ready to have a backing

So, this quilt was made on a Superbowl a few years back. So, it had to have borders. So, I wanted to use up some more fabric. So, it ended up being 83" X 83"!

SO, BIG!!!

It was a mystery quilt posted by my small on-line friendship group. Again, not my cup of tea, but it was a nice challenge to do a mystery on-line. I was good, and didn't read ahead, either!

I WAS going to donate this to a charity organization that provides blankies for women. But, when I took it out of it's bag, I realized it was just way too big! So now, I am going to make a backing for it, and send it away to have it quilted in an all over pantograph. Maybe it will be a nice present to put back on the shelf for when I have the "need" for something special to give to someone.


Finn said...

It is very attractive in the colors you used...and a nice looking mystery quilt. Good for you for finishing it up..*VBS*

dot said...

This quilt is so unique that I like it. Thanks for showing and sharing it with us.

Judy said...

Great quilt. I love adding lots of borders to quilts...especially skinny ones before a wide one.

Thanks for the comments at my site. You asked about the ragdolls...they are my 2 cats. Their breed is a Ragdoll. You can see their picture and stuff if you go to my first couple entries on the blog. Thanks again! Great quilt!

Lynn Dykstra said...

I agree that putting a finished quilt on the shelf can be a lifesaver. I have had several quilts that I am not that attached to that have been the perfect gift.

Laura said...

This quilt is very different looking for a mystery quilt. I like it because of that. I agree that many times I do a mystery that I personally don't care for but I know it will make a great gift.

Dawn said...

Actually I like the look of this! It is a good mystery quilt and I love the colors you used. It is going to make a GREAT gift!