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Friday, March 26, 2010

Featured Sea Side Stitcher:Sherri

Sherri was the most industrious quilter this week. I do believe she won the prize! There was one morning I heard her giggling at 3AM, and when I came down later, there was ANOTHER quilt top done! HER quilting fairy from Wendy must have obeyed her orders, while mine just played with taking borders off when I wasn't looking.

Sherri told us a story about how to make your face look slimmer when taking photographs. So whenever we took photos, our hands were under our chins, regardless of whether we were sitting or standing. Did it work?

How about here?
Now look very, very carefully. How many hands do you see in the picture below? Sherri is using TWO hands to hold her blue embroidered snowman quilt, but yet there is that "slimming" hand, again. Tell us, did it work here?
These are her quilts for the week: blue embroidered snowmen, black and white panel strippy, an Oriental I Just Can't Cut it, Mod Quad, a Turtle kit from Florida and a Hungry, Hungry caterpillar.
A close up of "I Just Can't Cut it"

Florida Turtles

Sherri, you ROCK!!
Mod Quad before the sashings and borders
Panel Quilt

Sherri loves her aprons, and she wears them most of the time. I haven't caught her wearing it to bed yet, though:) This was the night of Joyce's chocolate lava cake. Where was Sherri? Licking the beaters and the bowl....ummmm....well, there WERE a few others, too! They all said they were helping clean up!

Two more official Sea Siders to go, then our guests. Stay tuned!


floribunda... aka Julie said...

what a great retreat! I might have to crash the party next time...

Loris said...

I'm going to try that hand trick!
Sherri's quilts are beautiful. What a great time you all are together!