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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Featured Sea Side Stitcher: Wendy

Wendy is our official Camp Director. She keeps us straight with our dates, our money, and our projects. She's one good kid, let me tell 'ya!

She is also our music coordinator, and I don't think Margaret knows this yet, but Margaret is the Music Director, and long with Wendy, they pair up to serenade us sweetly with piano (thank you Wendy) and songs (both.)

A little down the road and up the hill is a camp for kids. They were having an open house, so Wendy and I decided to go see what they were doing. WAY COOL! I wanna be a kid again! This was Camp Pine in the Woods, and of course, we had to get some of the T-shirts. You'll see more of these pictures when I post my stuff.

This was in a planter in downtown Cambria. What a giant Hen/Chick!!! I had to take the picture with Wendy's hand for size.

Wendy made this spool block for Margaret using the selvedge strips as an idea of what kind of blocks she could make using all those little blocks she made.

One of my favorite projects that Wendy worked on. I think it is called Lake House?

And here are Wendy's Amish Dresden Plates

This is Wendy's design wall with last years applique kitties and this year's projects. The spinning stars are made from all sorts of scrap fabric donated to the church. Quilts like this one are tied and sent to Africa for use as room dividers, floor coverings and possibly coverlets. Isn't that great?

My friends, Wendy and Margaret enjoying the sunset and a cool glass of wine on the deck.

Have you ever seen deer on the beach?

How about in the ocean? I never had EVER!! A neighbor told us that there is a natural spring that flows down the beach here and that's probably why they were there. Too strange!

So, tomorrow is ME. ALL ME! So come back and see my big projects that I FINISHED! And you'll also get the lowdown on just how much fabric came home with me! LOL!


The Calico Cat said...

Thanks for sharing the cat quilt - I never really considered using "non-cat fur" fabrics for appliqued kitties? (I am piecing blue & yellow ones...)

Anonymous said...

Did you get over the hill to Atascadero and The Quilters Cupboard? Great quilt shop! Looks like you had big fun!
Kathy B