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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Featured Sea Side Stitcher: Joyce

Joyce is the quietest of the group, but when she speaks, it's worth hearing. She makes us laugh a lot, too. AND she makes the most awesome chocolate lava cake with Trader Joe's ice cream. I have to admit it...I like the lava part the best with the ice cream, and then I share my cake with Margaret! LOL! When I figure out how to load my short video of everyone in the kitchen licking the bowl and beaters, you'll see how much we all love that cake! One day she was the most fashionable with her shirt on inside out, so we all decided we would wear ours that way, too. I had my Charlevoix (MI) T- shirt on, and she kept trying to read it. She finally asked what XIOVELRAHC spelled - was it Russian? Didn't take her long to notice, eh?

Joyce brought several projects to work on, and here are the two that had the most time spent on them. The little dachshund is going to be one of many. And of course, every shop we went to had more of the PERFECT doggie fabric, so they were added to the formula as well. More backgrounds were found on the last shopping day, so a lot more progress was made on these puppies than you can actually see. And aren't these Easter Eggs just the best? She got the borders on, but I didn't get a picture of them, but I'm sure one of the other campers did.
Joyce was our one stitcher who definitely knew how to put the r-e-t-r-e-a-t back into retreat! Although she always had the coffee on a o'dark thirty in the morning, she took breaks often, and when she wasn't resting, she was talking to her sweet hubby on the phone.

Last year, Joyce brought her felting machine and we all fell in love with it. In the year since, she has gone back to doing most of her felting by hand, and has made some absolutely beautiful pieces. I want to be Joyce when I grow up! Here is an unfinished snowman she has started.

Here are her wet felted booties, the most beautiful needle felted wool scarf, and Pinelope (which I covet). You can't see Pinelope very well. This picture was taken just prior to her trying to get into my bag to go home with me. (You notice that I said trying...she was unsuccessful.)

Every time we leave on the final day, Joyce's car doesn't run well until it gets to San Jose. Joyce says it's because the car doesn't like the gas she buys there in Cambria. I say it's because it doesn't want to leave. That's why it hid the car keys, too, so Joyce couldn't leave when everyone else did. You'll notice that she has plenty of projects to keep her busy if she has to wait for AAA to bring her another key? (The keys were found about 5 minutes after we left hiding under a sack in the back seat area.)

And the sun set another night on the Sea Side Stitchers. Yet another stitcher profile tomorrow!

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Lindah said...

Oh, you gals! Did you really hide her keys?