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Monday, March 22, 2010

Back from Cambria

I had a most marvelous time with my girlfriends in Cambria California this past week, despite Delta Airlines best efforts to keep me from leaving Kansas City. Despite that, I DID arrive in San Jose in time to meet the girls Sunday, March 14, and we mosied our way south to Cambria. Of course there were a couple of quilt shops we had to "hop" as it was the last Sunday of their hop week!

This is going to be a short post since I've used most of the day to get through my emails, unpack and wash clothes, and get through all the pictures and videos I took! I think this is going to take several days to get through! AND you might notice on the right side bar there are two countdown links that will pop up when you click them. My next retreat is in September in Michigan with Gwen Marston, then there's 2011 Cambria.

We arrived later on Sunday, and unloaded three cars worth of projects and quilters. When I say SeaSide Stitchers, this is why. This is the view out the front windows of our house:

On Monday, we always have a tea party, presented by Marj and Wendy. It is simply fantastic!

We also had a late night lesson on making three dimensional cloth snowflakes. This is how you cut the fabric to start:

DON'T cut it like this:


Here are all are in this year's aprons. Do you recognize some of that fabric that I had on my cutting table now?
Marj, Joyce, Wendy, Sherri, Quiltgranny, Margaret
2011 Sea Side Stitchers

Stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow!


Wendy said...

So, it wasn't all a dream afterall, eh? Time flew. Love the pix.

Loris said...

It was so fun to meet all of you!
Someone else is in 'your' house now...and it just isn't the same :-(
I'm glad you got home safe.