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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Featured Sea Side Stitcher: Marj

Marj is a wonderful, bubbly quilter who joined us in Cambria for her second annual retreat with the Sea Side Stitchers. She makes me laugh, and she makes me cry. She is one of the best! She always has so many ideas and things to share... And precise, and patient and all those things that I am not! She also makes the best darned tuna noodle casserole and grilled asparagus and chocolate pudding in the world!

She likes to find these marvelous rocks on the beach and make cairns of beauty to behold. Oh yes, the Chocolate Lava Cake (provided by Joyce) also made it into the still life. LOL!

She worked and she worked all week long with Sherri and Margaret at her table...making block after block after block!
Marj actually started off with using many of the hundreds of selvedge edges to make bags for us all, and I don't know how many others. She sewed and sewed, and sewed, then sewed some more. Wendy suggested using the squares in the center of stars, and I think Marj is going to make a huge quilt with the hundreds of 5" blocks she created all from selvedge. I can hardly wait to see it when it's finished!

Also in this picture is the Jo Morton paper pieced spools she worked on. Isn't she diligent?
She finished the week with these beautiful little jewels. When she started, she was only going to make one, but she just couldn't stop. I think this truly qualifies her now for the Janiac club, don't you (those Aunt Jane quilts with the gajillion paper pieced parts)?

We had an afternoon tea with some friends in the neighborhood who stopped by. It seemed each year, our renown grows and our new friends abound. These are actually friends of Aunt Betty (in the plaid shirt) who belongs to one of the Sea Side Stitchers (Sherrie). Marj is explaining her technique and work on the design wall with them. They all brought things to share as well, and in another post, I'll share those here too.

Here's a close up of those tiny blocks!!!
This is her completed project from last year.
And the sun set on the Sea Side Stitchers no matter how late they tried to keep it from disappearing in the horizon. Sometimes they stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, but the sun did not! Imagine that!

Another featured quilter for tomorrow. I wonder who it will be? Keep stitching!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Keep this series coming, GF. I'm likin' it.

Loris said...

I missed seeing those DJ blocks..they are beautiful. As is that lovely batik quilt. YUM!