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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Seeing double....or triple?

My friend, Carolyn and I are working on these small quilts for our 2007 charity mission. The first one is mine and the last two are hers. We each are making nine of them for the Diabetic Education Class of Jan 2007 for Caritas Clinics in Kansas City. So, this is a good cause. The quilts work up pretty fast, and we make them 44" X 60" so we can get one made out of a 3 yard piece of fabric, along with bits of coordinating fabrics. A nice way to use up the stash for sure!

I imagine you'll get pretty bored with looking at the quilts as time goes by, but you can see how different fabric makes a different quilt, each time, with the same pattern, anyway. I'm working on a bright and fanciful pink and turquoise one today.

The funny thing about all three of these quilts is that NONE of the larger pieces of fabric came from OUR stash! We had just decided on the pattern when another close quilting buddy of ours told us she had oodles of bags of fabric she had cleaned out of HER stash. So, we took half of the bags, and went through them. We chose what we wanted and passed the rest to a local Lutheran church for their mission quilts, and more to the local Linus brigade. I think the other half went to another church. Out of what we chose, Carolyn had enough fabric to cut and "kit" all of our January quilts! Of course, they run another 6 month class after this one, so we have lots more opportunities to use our stash, for sure.

At the same time, we are making our stars for the February auction quilt. We decided on a really beautiful pattern from the DesMoines Area Quilt Guild called "Stars of the Heartland". It was their 1994 raffle quilt, and it features two different sizes of stars that are set to make it look like they are in a circle. Our goal for this one is to have it to the quilter by the middle of November if not before. Watch this space!


Hedgehog said...

One of the things I really like about Judy's hour-a-day project is seeing all the different color variations. I'll love seeing all these variations on your blog!

ForestJane said...

I like the way the outside of the star looks like it folds in and out on those three star quilts. Neat effect!

Darcie said...

And they all look terrific, Sharon! My sister has pieced that pattern up several times too...just in different fab collections/colorways.

Sweet little Kia! ;-)

Susan said...

Great looking quilts, Sharon. You two are doing a wonderful thing.

cher said...

way to go with a buddy-so much good getting done by both of you. Nice new car-hope it lives up to the better gas milage.

Linda_J said...

I like all three of them! I have pattern around here somewhere to make one similiar that uses only HSTs and no set in's. Is that what technique this uses?

Dawn said...

Well those quilts are so fun! I just love seeing the same quilt done up in different colors.

Sarah said...

I love the charity quilts! Great pattern! And great use of your friend's rejected stash!


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Oh my Stars, stars, and more stars! Love them all! So fun to see how color changes things. Great blocks too - what is not to love about stars?