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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Halloween Decorations

The first picture I took in Michigan was in the bathroom of Renee's Quilt Shop in Williamsburg. This is a great shop with really friendly people. I fell in love with the decorations in the bathroom, and Renee had a really funny look on her face when I asked if I could take a picture in there!

Such a simple idea, doncha think? This is just a plant stand that she has filled with toilet paper wrapped with fat quarters. She changes the fabric with each season, and occasionally changes the lights wrapped around the stand! And don't we all have some fat quarters for the seasonal changes?

I've just finished stitching down the binding on Happy Jack's Pumpkin Patch so I can get it hung in the Hearth Room before the grandgirls arrive tomorrow night!


Dawn said...

Oh it is clever! How do people get ideas that are so simple but so cute!

Susan said...

Funny idea, but cute!

paula, the_quilter said...

At a recent quilt show, one of the vendors had crafty pumpkins displayed. Just open up a FQ of orange fabric, set a roll of TP on the center and bring the fabric up around the roll of TP stuffing the ends into the hole. Take another FQ only this time green roll it tight and stuff it into the hole also. Voila! a pumpkin with stem. /paula