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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Last Birthday Stitch Day of the Year!

As you all know, my Amazing Quilt Babes give each other the gift of sewing each year for each of our birthdays. Today was our last one of the year, and Vicky is the lucky birthday girl this time. She is sitting in the chair, front and center, right where a birthday girl should be! You'll notice that we are making the quilt look straight by leaning in the direction of the was much easier doing this, instead of resetting the rows on the design wall.

You'll notice that these are the same blocks from the Kitchen Sink, which our group had exchanged the 3" nine patch blocks. Shirlee chose to set her blocks like the Kitchen Sink on HER birthday stitch day, too. Vicky, however, chose to set hers a bit differently, and I like it just as well! Very soft and pretty! We were missing one of our members (Ibby) today, and it just didn't seem the same. We still had fun, even though we were all pretty tired.

Clyde is always worn out after his stitch days with the girls!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the mini-quilt show we had here at the house. Quilts were back from the quilter's house!


Hedgehog said...

I love that quilt! You look like you're having a lot of fun, as usual!

Darcie said...

What a great bunch of girls! I thought perhaps that you were leaning to show how windy it's been here in the Midwest!

ForestJane said...

Ohhh, I like this layout too, especially with all the leaning ladies in front of it!

Dawn said...

Oh I love this layout too! Now I want to see the 2 pictures again. I remember loving the other one, but now I love this one. Do you have the other one around still so we can see the 2 layouts together? I love this layout!

Elaine Adair said...

My word - I've not visited you before - and what a collection of absolutely lovely quilts.