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Monday, October 16, 2006

More from the Amazing Quilt Babes

This past Saturday was our Amazing Quilt Babes last birthday stitch day of the year (for Vicky). Unfortunately, my uncle passed away, and I needed to go to his gravesite services Saturday morning before everyone arrived to sew. It's a good thing everyone knows where things are, and also that they make themselves at home in my stewdio, too! So, off I went, in they came, and when I came home, there was a beautiful quilt show all spread out in my living room. What a joyful sight to see!

Shirlee and "Everything but the Kitchen Sink"

This is made from the same nine-patch exchange that vice's quilt came from (last post). The connector blocks are different - what a change!
Quilting close-up

This is another one of Shirlee's quilts, just back from the quilter. Even though I asked Shirlee specifically what for the pattern name, I still can't remember it. I've seen several different versions of this pattern, but never in the gorgeous colors that Shirlee used. Isn't it beautiful?

This is Carol's "Babydoll Dresses", and what she says is her first attempt at machine quilting. Something tells me that Carol has been holding out on us!

Here is Carolyn and her "Baskets". It originally started out as a twin size charity quilt that sort of grew too big and then lodged in Carolyn's heart, so it will live at her house now. I can't blame her!
Quilting Close-up

And when it was all over, Bonnie had to rest in one of her many favorite spots in the stewdio. Notice her patriotic pincushion!


Hedgehog said...

What beautiful quilts - thanks to the group for sharing!!

Tonya R said...

ditto what hedgehog said. can't believe what great pics you get of your black cats. what a sweetie girl your bonnie is.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I feel like I just came home from a terrific quilt show, but without the tired feet! What beautiful projects. Thanks for sharing.

Angie said...

Oh Sharon, those quilts are GORGEOUS!!! I'll take any one of them, please :D . But I especially LOVE that applique quilt...can you find out which pattern, again LOL, she used for it? :D And your Bonnie looks like she's the identical twin sister to my Homer Kitty. :)

Ms. Jan said...

All I can say is WOW! What a show!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilts!!! I bet you ladies had so much fun!

Sorry to hear about your uncle.

Have a great Tuesday!

Laura said...

You gals are so awesome! What beautiful quilts you get done for each other, I am absolutely in awe~!

Dawn said...

Oh what eye candy! I LOVE them all! I still love Vicki's version of the kitchen sink quilt too!

Rae said...

WHAT A QUILT SHOW. It was a great way to cheer you up.

They are all beautiful.

I would never trust my furbaby so close to a pincusion.

Shirlee said...

The pattern for the applique quilt is called Les Fleurs du Jardin. It was a block of the month published in 1998 by Village Classics. The designer was Lisa DeBee Schiller.

Judy said...

Wow what a show you gals had in that room!!! Amazing work ladies and the quilter did a great job too!!

You gals seem to have way too much fun!

Diannia McDonald said...

Who publishes the "Everything But the Kitchen Sink?" I have searched the internet for the pattern but all I come up with is the line of fabric.

I have SO much repro fabrics that I have been collecting. This pattern looks perfect!

Diannia in Iowa

Shirlee said...

The Everything But the Kitchen Sink pattern can be found at Go to Quilt Designs-Free Patterns-Free RJR patterns. Enjoy!

Linden Dare said...

I love your quilt, actually I am looking for the rjr website where I can go look again, I know rjr has like 2 separate web cites, I can't find the one where I downloaded the pattern free for Everything But the Kitchen Sink, can you help me find it.

Thank you,

lisa said...

just want to let you know that the applique quilt, les absolutely gorgeous. i think i like it more than my owm version...congrats on a beautiful job! said...

We were looking at your beautiful Les Fleurs du Jardin and we are missing block one from the kit. Do you know where we can get a copy of this block?