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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

And sew on!

It's been a really, really, really busy couple of weeks here at my the old homestead!  Lots of sewing, cooking and cleaning!  I've been working on two donation quilts and I've been asked for another one if I can.  The first one is for the High Tea for Breast Cancer, and the proceeds go to the local Cancer Action group.  They've asked for hot pink and neon green.  Here's their version of the Mod Quad, waiting for the black borders to be attached this afternoon. 

The next quilt is the same blocks, but instead of pink and green, it has all sorts of primary colors inserted.  Hopefully, it will be done before this weekend.

I've been working on the seed stitching on the landscape that is overdue by a month.  I keep working on it, and it seems the more I do, the more it requires.  After this step, is the hand beading on the tree leaves.  The name that is probably going to stick on this piece is Seasonal Kodachrome or Kodachrome Seasons.  
1/4 of the quilt top is Spring....
Spring seed stitching

Fall seed stitching
Another art quilt (The River) in the works with deadlines on the horizon.  I think I'm in pretty good shape for this one, as the deadline is a "lookie see" at everyone's progress to date to make sure we are on target.  All the pieces are cut and ready to sew, then embellish.  So, if I do nothing else before our meeting in mid-August, I'm a good girl on this one!  No picturesjust yet, though.

I've got the Guild challenge quilt that's due in September in the works, too.  Something purple, something striped.  Got a plan - good to go.  Now, I just need to find a quilt surrogate to complete the plan!  LOL!

The Guild cookbooks have arrived, but they haven't been revealed to the Guild yet for the winning title.  That's next week, then I can post them on the blog. AND, I've been working on Boutique projects for the November guild show, and pricing out the others that are slowly being turned in for the Boutique corner.  AND, take a breath now.....Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville is arriving this Sunday.  You know what that means?  House cleaning too!  LOL!

Come see us/her if you can!
Bonnie's agenda while in the Kansas City Metro area:
Wednesday, August 11, Workshop with Kansas City Guild
Thursday, August 12, NiteTime Needlers


SubeeSews said...

WOW! Love that pattern....the black/white with the zingers.
Do you know what the pattern's name is....are you the designer?
Lucky be with Our Bonnie!

Sharon said...

MOD QUADS QUILT PATTERN BY BLUE UNDERGROUND is the pattern, Subee. The only difference is that I've added sashings which I think makes the blocks pop more!

gail said...

Your black and white quilt is stunning and I agree that the borders make it pop!

Quilts And Pieces said...

I"m LOVING that touch of pink and green in taht quilt! But then I"m a sucker for pink and lime green! I really like it! Hey I just see your answer to SubeeSews - too cool, Amy from Blue Underground is coming to talk to our guild in Oct! OK, I got to get this pattern when she comes!