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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Birthday Quilt

Yesterday was the Amazing Quilt Babes last "official" birthday stitch day. We helped Carol get this beauty together, and isn't it great in it's simplicity? Even though this is the last of the 2010 birthday quilts, it doesn't mean we won't be stitching more! We even had time to stitch some more blocks for our 2 charity quilts.

Shirlee, Ibby, Carol (seated) Vicky, Sharon

Last night when I took Mayo the Wonder Dog outside for the last walk of the night, this is what I found shining back at me from the front porch steps.

This is a common garden spider sitting in the center of it's web.  The rain had just stopped, so the web caught the little droplets and made it look like the pale spider was sitting in a ring of diamonds.  Just beautiful!  I took the pictures, then Mayo and I went back in the house and finally went out through the garage in order to let Mr. Spider do his work.  I hope your day is filled with hidden delights and jewels!


Deb Hillen said...

Love the quilt! The fabric looks great in that lay out. Carol have you decided how you are going to finish the borders, quilting and binding? Glad to hear you are all still doing the birthday quilts!
Started a new one myself last week!

Nines said...

LOVE red and white quilts! Glad you all are having such fun.