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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Quilting Fairy?

If you're like me, when you get to a certain turning point in your project, you either want to walk away from it entirely (one turning point) or keep going on it until your eyes can't stay open anymore (the second turning point).  

Well, this particular project was finally at the at the second turning point a week or so ago. It's already been through the first turning point at least three times, so it's about time it finally got to the exciting part. I'm talking about the landscape piece that was due in June, but I just didn't make the dateline.  

I was too busy cutting holes in it because I didn't like it. Then I figured out how to do window panes with curling panels (don't ask!), and didn't like that either. A little more time was spent taking that apart, and some more holes were cut. I figured I didn't have anything to lose. Several trips to the Dollar Store for fiber parts (don't ask!), some free hand quilting, and some more ortwork. It was around this time, that my vision finally crystallized, and I started getting excited.

I made a special trip to Eudora, KS to pick up variegated Presencia #12 perle cotton at Quilting Bits and Pieces, and started seed stitching the heck out of it. My hand and fingers have just about seized up now, so I've put it aside to rest. Last night, I left it on the sofa, and I think the Quilting Fairy has finally arrived to help me finish it! Hooray! Shouldn't you get the Quilting Fairy on your schedule?


floribunda... aka Julie said...

funny -- my quilting fairy is orange! and he has the same uncanny ability to perch on the one square foot of fabric that you forgot to put out of his reach...

Nancy said...

I have been looking for one of those for my house. The quilting fairy would be kept very busy!