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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Quick Change

As you all know, Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville arrives tomorrow for a busy, busy week. Since the day starts at the airport getting her and all the quilts and things she needs for programs, I'll post just a little bit today. You probably won't hear from me again for another week, so don't worry! We'll be having fun!

It's been terribly hot here, and it's promising more hot, hot, hot for the next week. So I am taking the opportunity to get ready for fall. The transition from summer to fall will be nice!
Here's this month's quilt on the wall - my watermelon quilt that I just love! I guess I should have moved the lamps, huh? Oh well, more time to play instead of moving furniture.
It's quilted with an all over pattern since it's so busy, but the pattern seemed to lend itself just perfectly within each watermelon, too.

So with that, I am off now to clean house, and put fresh sheets on Bonnie's bed. Take care and keep quilting!

1 comment:

Kim said...

So did you have a great time with Bonnie? did you learn lots of great quilting tricks?

Her blog says she had a great time even in all the heat!

Happy sewing