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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Missouri State Fair

OK, I have to admit it. I have never been to the Missouri State Fair. Since I'm living in Missouri now, and the guild I belong to is in Missouri, it's only right that I go. So I did! I tagged along with the group who presented for the "education" part of the fair, and we sure had a good time!
Diane, Donna, Prez Elly, Peggy, Quiltgranny
There were quilts cases
On walls....
Above our heads.....
With the special winners in special cases.
From the fair, we went to the famous Wheel Inn in Sedalia, MO for my initiation to a Guberburger.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
This used to be a really cool circular drive-in with tile on the building.  But they had to move to another location....
I got mine with onion rings and a diet coke.
Would I do it again?  Or add peanut butter at home to my own burger?  uuummmmmmmmmm - no. Then on from lunch to the fabric store on the side of the highway back home.
D & T Fabrics
I was good, really, really good.  No fabric came home with me at all.  Just look at this really cute planter made from recycled jeans and embroidered sewing items stuffed with flowers and tied with a tape measure!
Smarty Pants!
Sew, till next time, keep stitching, and take time out to go your local county or state fair, too!
Quiltgranny and Granny


Annie Jones said...

I love the fair, but we didn't go this year. Today would have been a great day for it with the cool temps and not-too-many sprinkles.

I have eaten a guberburger or two in my day (I grew up just half an hour from Sedalia). I went through a phase where I put PB and just about anything. Glad to say I'm over that now. ;)

Glad you had a good time!

Wendy said...

Just love state fairs. Not everyone's cuppa tea. Your pix are fun to see. My dad's favorite sandwich was crispy bacon and peanut butter. Not on my approved diet list anymore, but we all loved them. See you soon. Yippee.