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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We interrupt this quilting for....

5" of rain in less than an hour last night. Bye, bye veggies! Bye, bye chairs! Hello, Pendleton's Market to pick green beans instead of picking them from the garden. I swear we are NOT going to put another dime or an ounce of sweat into this garden until we figure out how to get the water run off under control!

White caps in the garden?

And it just keeps coming!

I really don't need a swimming pool at this house, do I?

This is our foot bridge over the creek, under the water. Surf's up!

Is that the Loch Ness monster I see?

Silly me! I waited for the storm to pass, then I went out to a stitch group meeting across town. Well, I got out of the area onto the main highway, and then traffic just crawled. It took 95 minutes to get there instead of 20 minutes. When I tried to come home, I couldn't get here! I have two roads that access where we live, and they were both barricaded because of the high creeks. So I drove south on a main road, and headed back north where there weren't any creeks. Sheesh, can't someone else take some of this rain? At least we were lucky and didn't get the micro bursts and tornado that was just southeast of us by about 8 miles.

Tomorrow I am hoping to see the grand kids for a bit, finish the last of the recipe proof reading, and then sew some more orts. I NEED to sew a LOT of orts to get me over this rain mess!


Kathie said...

wow that is a lot of rain.
sorry to hear your garden is gone.

Joyce said...

Wow! That is a tropical downpour. Sorry about your garden. Lots of work down the drain, literally.

Wendy said...


Petey said...

Oh my, and gardens are so much work! We have had more that our share so can't offer to take any of the rain to help you, sorry.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Gosh, we've had no rain since May 2. We rarely have clouds, except for monsoon. Sorry for your amount of rain, but isn't our country vast and yet complicated all at once?!