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Friday, June 04, 2010

Scraps of thread tales

Today, Mayo, the Wonder Dog and I are ready to roll again on the cookbook for the guild.  Mayo double checks the names in our guild membership book while I check their recipes on the computer.  Did I tell you about the recipe book already?  Maybe not.  I don't know what possessed me to ask, but I did, and I discovered that our guild has never done a cookbook.  Now, I don't know about you, but most quilters are pretty darned good cooks.  Well, at least they cook the way I like to.  You know what I'm talking about - good, wholesome food that's pretty easy to do?

Over the last two months, we've collected 300 recipes for the book.  THREE HUNDRED!!!!  Now, I am wrapping up the book by trying proofing all the recipes, getting the personal pages coordinated, and I hope that it will be ready to go to the printers by the middle of this month.  HOORAY!  This should be a great money maker for the guild this year.  We plan on selling them at our November show, but if you want one before then, just leave me a comment or an email, and I can make arrangements to send you one.  They are selling for only $10.00 each, and I can ship one at media mail rates for about $3.00.  Of course if you want more, the mailing rate doesn't go up by much at all.  They make great Christmas gifts, too!

This is our Crazy Dog, getting ready to go out to his sentry post in my garden this year.  Each year, as he ages, more and more parts go awry, just like mine do.  This year, wonder bond glue and duct tape did the trick.  He had a shattered ear, and two broken back legs.  Last year he only broke one of his legs, so somewhere during the winter, he had a fight, I think.  I don't think he will be going to the spa this year like last year for a new color.  It's sort of late and I need him in the garden, watching over all my strawberries!

I'm hoping to get a majority of the "leaf" embellishment completed on the WIP today.  I went to stitch group last night, and in two separate conversations, the same idea came that I had already thought through and actually had begun before I left home. There was one slight difference, and I have to think about that one before I commit to it though.  Here's where I started before I sat down to make this blog entry:

My sewing machine is out of it's bed in my sewing table, and of course, you know that no flat surface shall go unadorned in a sewing room.  So Clyde has come to the rescue.

So now, I am off to make those parts I've promised myself.  I MUST get them done!!!!!!


QuiltingFitzy said...

OMgosh, I LOVE your crazy dog!!! What about after the season, giving him a good grooming with some wood putty and a coat of Valspar? Otherwise, you could send him to retirement to my house in AZ. We could hug him and love him, and be very good to him, lol.

How are those scraps coming along? teehee

Sharon said...

Blogger is being really crazy right now - so if you are trying to leave a comment or send an email, come back and try again later if it doesn't work. On Crazy Dog, Fitz, every year, he gets a spa treatment before going into the shed for hibernation - but last year, he got his spa treatment at the beginning of the summer. Over the winter, he started his crumble moves - since he is pottery, he is getting more and more brittle with age - just like me! LOL! I think he has a few good years left in him with the use of duct tape, stain, and Valspar.