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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I spent Saturday sewing with the Bohemian Art Group gals (BAG ladies), and it was so nice to have an entire day to ourselves, sewing and laughing.  I've gotten quite a bit done on the trees.  No picture yet, though.  Maybe later tonight?

While I was gone, Hubby and Mayo the Wonder Dog worked in the garden.  Son, Bryan arrived with girls in tow for Sunday dinner of taco salads, and we got him to run the tiller (yet again).  This is the last time we are planting the garden - we've gotten washed out 3 times now.  Maybe this one is the charm?  Well, that and the straw bales I picked up at Ace Hardware to block the gully washers running amok!

I was all ready to plant the Gerbera daisies along the front of the garden bed closest to the house where we sit, too.  So I got all my tools, got down on my knees, and all the while Mayo was going nuts jumping back and forth in the mulch close to the house, barking and dancing.  When I looked up, stretched across the front steps of the porch was this thing.

 I didn't have the camera with me, so I had to run in through the gararge (far away from the front steps of the house).  By the time I got back Mayo had it on the run!
You can run, but you can't hide!  Not even in the tangle of cords to run the trimmer and blower!  I guess I'll thing twice or three times even, before I reach my hand into a shadow now in the garden!
This has been determined to be a common "rat snake" of Missouri.  He was about 5 1/2'- 6' long, stretched out when he was scooting across the mulch, so we estimate him to be at least two years old - no older because his gray markings weren't more distinct, and there weren't enough red scales showing.  He's one of the "good" snakes, because he will eat the rodents that are in the fields around our house, but I hope he doesn't get into our blue bird houses.  I think we'll have to put the carpet tack strips up the pole to make sure those babies are safe!

So what's a post without some sort of fiber picture?  Here's one from a teacher who was at MQX this year, Sue Patten.  I am not familiar with her work, but I sure do like her humor! Thread painting is not my thing either, but this one just made me laugh!

Today, I am planning on working on the trees piece.  So next post should be lots of pictures of color!!


Bonnie K Hunter said...

I've had more than my share of snake episodes over the past week! They can eat the mice...just keep them away from my dogs :c(

I'm glad things are shaping up in your garden!!


Elly said...

We had Black Snakes when we lived in Winterset Park...backed up to woods & creek so natural to have snakes. Eeek! and doing the "I hate snakes" dance!

Anonymous said...

MQX?!? Ouch! Don't you mean MQS? MQS was at the Overland Park Convention Center last month. That "other show" (MQX) is on the east coast, earlier in the year.

Sharon said...

Fat finger when typing and the brain didn't catch it either! Yes, it was MQS.