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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Rickity Rackity!

WHOOPEEE! I have the ric rac binding done and ready to sew down by hand! Thanks to my friend, Debbie, from the Gwen Marston retreat last fall, I was able to figure out how to do overlapping binding. You can't do ANY kind of mitering here - ask me how I know and how many times I tried? LOL!

Here is the ric rac going on between the quilt front and the binding (on top). Because there is such a dip in the jumbo rick rack, some of it will hang off the edge. You can see them off the edge if you look beyond the needle.

It helps to match the backing with the binding in this instance so it will look like it is one piece of fabric (or at least maybe not so noticeable). The overlapping corner is somewhat bulky but it will do. I am thinking of beating it into submission with a hammer!

This is the front edge and corner. I have pins holding the single edge binding from the back so it isn't laying flat as it will when it is stitched. I don't plan on doing a top stitch on the IS flat like it should be.

Here's a closeup of the blocks and the quilting. I just LOVE this quilt, even though it's take what seems forever to complete it!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I looked and looked at this and then BINGO I figured out what/how you were doing it! It's terrific!

Word Verification: zings -- that is EXACTLY what it does!

free indeed said...

That is so cute! I never would have thought to do that, and I've never seen rickrack in such a jumbo size! Wow! That red certainly plays off the quilt real nice!

bettyp said...

Your doing a greatjob on it!!
Love that quilt!!

sandra said...

I love the effect of the giant rick rack. Thanks for the tute.

Pat said...

I just love those baskets and the handles. I might also try that jumbo rick rack binding for my grand daughter's quilt. Where did you get that BIG rick rack?

Kathie said...

omgosh I just LOVE this quilt, its just fun and such a happy quilt.
the rick rack just adds so much to this quilt.
the machine quilting is amazing. Ok I may just need to make this quilt too. I can see how adding it to the binding could be HARD but well worth it , you did a great job and with your helper in your lap?
I have enjoyed all the pictures of this quilt, thanks for sharing. Where will it live in your home?

Joyce said...

I love anything with rick rack and this is no exception. I love the way the rick rack is used on the basket handles as well as on the border.

Karrin Hurd said...

Beautiful quilt, I love it!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Oh! I've been eyeing some giant neon-colored rick-rack at Hancocks. Now you've made it a done deal! (Thanks, I think, lol).

I love this quilt, very happy!

mallorymurray said...

That quilt is awesome and your dog is soooo cute!