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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recently, I accepted a request from my guild to be the Boutique chair for our 2010 Lee's Summit Missouri quilt show in November of this year. Since I am a fairly new member, I didn't really know who the person was who called me, but I DID remember that it was an easy name. So, it was no surprise when I got an email the next day telling me about a meeting. You should remember, too, that I am new to the Missouri area. The following is the EXACT messaging that was exchanged:
Message number 1:
From Linda: There will be a meeting for those of you that are on the Quilt Show Committee at 10:15am in the kitchen at A Scarlet Thread, Thursday, January 14, 2010.
Message number 2:
From Quiltgranny:Where is that, please?
Message number 3:
From Linda: 3159 Jodeco Road, McDonough, GA - the same location that our Guild meets. The kitchen is the first door (double doors) on the left when you go in the front door or if you go in from the back, pass the desk, etc. the fabric room on the right, then it will be the next set of doors on the right.
Message number 4:
From Quiltgranny: Ummm, I don't mean to be an airhead, but do you mean for ME to have
this email? I live in Belton MO....I AM on the quilt show committee for the Lees Summit MO quilt guild, and we ARE supposed to be having a meeting soon about the show....but GA? I don't think so. Thanks for the invite though - if I'm ever in the area, you can count on me!
Thanks, Sharon

I got another nice email back from her explaining how she'd gotten some emails mixed up, but I am still laughing about this a month later! I have no idea when their show is, but if you are in that area, check it out and report back on how it is/was!

Our guild had one of their two annual "retreats" last week. This is where they have an instructor come for a day, and you can participate in that class or just come and sit n' sew. I have no desire at the moment to make a one block wonder quilt, but here are some beauties that were being done that day.

Klonda with her little jewels
Diane with elegant orientals
Beth with and the lucious forest
For my part, I continued working on my birthday quilt, and now I have all the components completed and ready for joining. It's doubtful this will be done before I leave for Cambria, and it just might get to go with me! We'll see.

It has been so darned cold here. Even though the sun is shining, the ice still clings to the trees. You can't quite see the sparkle in this picture, but just imagine driving the back roads out to the main highway and expecting to see Dr. Zhivago carrying Lara across the fields in a horse drawn sleigh. I fully expected to hear the tinkling of the icicles as they sparkled on each and every blade of grass and tree limb. But instead, I had to entertain myself with NPR. Maybe it will be Spring soon, eh? Stay warm, wherever you are!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Great minds think alike, Sharon. I've been thinking of Zhivago and Lara the past month or so, too! We've had the snowiest winter in years and ENOUGH ALREADY!

Word Verification: winuriti -- a pasta dish that defies precise description but is just what people want to eat when they are sick of snow

Sue SA said...

Nice to see your snow pictures! It was about 37 C here today in Adelaie, South Australia (SA), so I am struggling to relate to how cold it must be in MO. I love winter because its a good excuse to stay indoors and sew, but as it doesnt snow in SA it is easier to love! Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Quilts And Pieces said...

aren't those 4 patch kleidoscope blocks fun! Your story was really funny!

Wendy said...

I love the back-and-forth e-mails, especially the precise directions into the kitchen (like we couldn't find the kitchen in ANY building??!!). Love the workshop one-block wonder workshop; nice photos.

Elly said...

You really need to tell your Boutique projects as you presented at Guild last Monday....or that's right, we are counting down the days...
you will be missed..but have a blast!