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Monday, February 01, 2010


I've been meaning to get some posts done about the quilts I've been working on, and the weather here in the Midwest. Instead, I've been spending time cleaning up spammed comments from China! I can't figure out how they've done it, because as you know, you need to do the word verification thing, but there they were! Now that I've done the housecleaning, I can get on with business.

First, my stash report (then quilt pictures):

Fabric in:
1 yards
Fabric out: 29 yards

Fabric in YTD: 1 yards
Fabric out YTD: 29 yards

Net: 28 yards more out than in

It's been a cold and dreary winter this year. I was so happy to see the sun yesterday, and the snow was melting, too! I turned the corner around the house, and here's a reminder that winter is still here, though. I guess it's just above freezing, so when the sun warms the ground, the snow melts. But here's the kicker - where there is still shade (even from the fence rails), the snow still stays. This looks like a long path to winter to me!

I went to a "bee" with my quilting guild last week, and it is held at a clubhouse on Raintree Lake in Lee's Summit, Missouri. It was so gray and overcast all day, but the laughter inside the clubhouse was pretty sunny. The geese were quite a "hoot" landing and sliding all over the lake.

Part of my stash reduction was fabric sold to a fellow quilter. The other part of the reduction is due to the completion of my basket quilt! I've decided to not count the stash as used until the quilt is either a "flimsie" or a completed quilt. I'm finishing up the binding today, and I'll post a picture of that when it's done, too. I am using a neat trick to use rick rack as the binding, and it's a new thought process for me, so it's a long one. The baskets all have rick rack on the handles, so I thought this would be a cool quilt to use this technique on. This is the basket block that Gwen Marston and I designed together on a piece of notebook paper three years ago at her retreat in Michigan. I love this quilt!
Here's Mayo doing her quality control work. The blocks are McTavished, with small feathers at the base of the baskets and larger feathers in the borders.

I hope you have a wonderful day/week/month of quilting!


floribunda... aka Julie said...

that's really interesting about the shade cast by fence rails -- and the perfect photo!

sandra said...

The basket quilt is outstanding! I love the addition of the rick rack too. Excellent quilting job.

Wendy said...

I love your baskets - the colors set off with white make me think of spring and flowers. Beautiful work, thanks for sharing!