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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trash or stash?

I've been working steadily on the borders for the oriental fabric quilt. So far the name is Rolling Through the Hard Times. It's rather tedious to cut the squares for the flying geese, and the squares for the joinings, and the rectangles for the finishing edges just a little at a time. I've been trying to stretch the last of the black fabric so I don't have to add to the stash. BUT, after all that careful cutting, I am short by about 1/4 yard. I've ordered it from Equilter, and I will dutifully add it to the stash counter. But golly! I only made it 8 days into the year without buying anything! Of course, I think this is different don't you?

Now, to my original question. My stitch group, The Amazing Quilt Babes, come together a couple of times a month to sew, laugh and talk. Last time we were together, Carol, was working on some applique butterflies and when she was ready to go, this piece of fabric was going in the trash.

Can you believe that?!!!!! She was going to throw it away! I just couldn't let her do that, so now it's on my cutting table to make some flying geese. Do you think I have to count it as part of my stash? Or can I just say it was trash? LOL!

Oh! By the way....see that little piece of black fabric laying there? That's all I have left of the black fabric I used. I AM feeling pretty good about using it up!


A Quilter Awakens said...

I think I may have some of that in my stash somewhere. Or maybe not. I am guilty of cruising the dust bin after sewing meetings. You just never know what you may find (and recycle into your next masterpiece). Karmen

Wendy said...

Those are the trimmings that I slice up and put inside fleece pillow beds for kitties at the animal shelter. So, it's not really trash, just gets reused at least once more before landfill!

The Calico Cat said...

So what are you going to do with the swiss cheese?

quiltmom said...

Ah Sharon,
Quilters do love scraps- you already found a great use for the your find.
Happy quilting and Happy New Year.
Warmest regards,