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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

As many of you know, we moved a little over a year ago from a HUGE house to a much more moderately sized one. In doing, so I gave up a few things that I still miss, like the pool and a HUGE stewdio, but overall, those are just minor things. I still have a nice stewdio, and I don't miss the pool maintenance, so this is OK. I truly love the new house, and the 3 acres we have as well.

I HAVE missed, though, a large quilt display wall. At the other house, when we remodeled the hearth room, we took cabinets off a wall, and used it for my large quilt displays. Here, at this house, we have a more open floor plan, and very few walls for pictures or quilts. I was bemoaning this fact in November, as well as wondering where we would put our very large Christmas tree. My son had the solution. He said, "Mom! Move this over there, move that over here, and take that downstairs! Then you have a place for the tree and when the tree comes down, you can use that entire wall." So we did. And I contemplated life with a display wall again during the Christmas season.

When the tree came down, I discovered that the 94" custom made wall hanging system was about 2" too long, and it looked strange with the top of the adjoining door met it. I called our builder (who just happens to live down the way) to look at it. He got it all fixed up for me by customising the doorway header, and extending the molding all the way on the other wall.

He then added the bottom of my hanging system to the molding, repainted everything, and I'm back in business! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I am so happy!!! It feels like my house again! I still need to work with the lamp cords, but that is easy in comparison!

Now, on to the quilting. I'm finished with the borders as far as I can take them until more fabric arrives from Equilter. I know it's been shipped, so I'll take a break from them and work on some of the little exchanges that I've got going on. I'm really liking how this border is turning out! AND, it's using a lot from my stash, too.

Several of you have asked for the "recipe" on how this border is made, so here it is!
These make the units, and then you flip one upside down on either side of how this one sits.

I also got this nifty tool the other day, and it's great! There are a few tools that I've found over the years that really help, and this is one of them. I've used stilettos, and bamboo sticks and even my seam ripper point. BUT, because this one is a thin plastic, if I should happen to run over it with the needle, it doesn't hurt my machine (or me!).

Here's Hubby and Mayo taking their late afternoon nap together. Aren't they sweet? Guess they were tired from all the builder's work! And he's wrapped up in his flannel quilt that really needs to be replaced, but he loves it all the same.


Amy said...

I love your red and white quilt! It looks amazing on that wall-good for you for finding a solution.

Diane said...

That flannel quilt is nice also!

Annie Jones said...

Replace Kevin with me, Mayo with a cat or three and the quilt with an electric blanket and you'll see what our house has been like for the past three weeks!

Love the "new" quilt wall!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Would love to see more of the "hanging system". How does the quilt get under the trim?

The Calico Cat said...

Awesome quilt & quilt hanging space!

Shasta said...

The quilt on the wall looks beautiful - great hanging system. I liked the flannel quilt also - lovely fabrics to look at and cuddle under.

Anonymous said...

The display quilt and hanger are excellent. A perfect spot for an eyecatching, fresh looking, gorgeous piece.

Diane said...

Your hanging quilt method is fantastic. It looks great! Missed seeing you at Guild.
Diane Cox