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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A little of this and that!

I'm still working on those borders for Rolling Through the Hard Times. I haven't been able to spend much time on them, but they are still on the table! Instead, I've been cleaning out the stewdio. Putting fabric away where it belongs, getting projects and supplies together for upcoming classes and retreats wears me out!

So that I could do a LITTLE sewing, I've been working on some blocks for our Babes Birthday stitch day this Saturday. We have 80 blocks to do, and each of them have 16 half square triangles. I thought it would be nice if we could have some made ahead to get us going. I'll post pictures on Saturday of our work.

It wouldn't be a Quiltgranny post without pictures, now would it? I've wanted to learn how to knit socks for ever so long! Last year I learned to knit, and I've now I've gotten all my supplies for the socks. I even went so far as to BUY "Knitting for Dummies" which is a great reasource, btw. Now I have to get my courage to just start! I think this weekend might be the time.

When I went to Gwen Marston's retreat last fall, I met Melissa who was knitting socks. We talked a lot about them, and I commissioned her to make some for me. Here they are:

These are from Kaffe Fasset self striping yarn:
These have the design up the back:
And these cranberry ones are the socks I seem to be wearing all the time these days:
Here's my guild friend Peggy and I, showing off our hand knit socks at a guild meeting. Do you think the others thought we were nuts?I also got side tracked from working on my borders when Hubby brought home 15 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken that he found on sale. I can it, and it is so much healthier than processed canned chicken - much lower in sodium and fat. 15 lbs of chicken, once cleaned up makes about 9 pints of canned chicken, plus dinner for 2 two times.

That's it from here in the Midwest, on the edge of the prairies where it has been gloomy for over a week. It feels like we are in northern Europe right now with the fog, temperature inversions and high humidity. Where is the sun? I could use some right now to keep me going.

I hope your days are sunny and you are quilting, sewing or knitting up a storm!


QuiltingFitzy said...

I have made about 4 pair, and am itching to do more. But alas, I work full time and ride public transportation, which makes me gone about 10 hours of the day! Yes, I could knit on the bus, but I can't concentrate on the pattern, lol.

I use the free Silver Sock Knitting pattern and love it (I use 4 dpns - and all I knew how to do previously was nit & purl from 6th grade!)

QuiltingFitzy said...

um...make that knit & purl, lol