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Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting ready to ring in the New Year!

Can it possibly be that we have already used up an entire decade of the new Millennium? It's hard to believe that ten years ago we were worried that computers would crash, airlines couldn't fly, and we wouldn't be able to buy the necessities of life, isn't it? LOL!

Well, today I am thinking of the old year past as well as what 2010 might bring for us. Our Christmas day was quite white and cold, but delightful all the same. Our area was under blizzard conditions and warnings for two days straight, and we weren't sure if the kids could even get here from across town. But after several tries and many dig outs from the driveway they made it!

We had a huge pot of creamy potato soup on, along with shrimp, ham and turkey sandwiches, and of course all kinds of munchies. We trimmed way down this year on gifts and the kids all seemed to love their presents all the same. Book gift cards and mall shopping certificates made it easy for me to shop, too.

We have a tradition for the person who is passing out presents to wear a Santa hat. Well, I couldn't find our Santa hat this year, so Julia (age 14) is doing the honors as Jester instead! (And no, she is not as tall as the door! I was sitting on the floor when I took her picture!)

The second and last quilt that my mom embroidered and I made into a quilt was gifted to daughter Marcella. And she loves it, too! She almost cried.

So what does next year bring?

I plan on making a serious commitment to reducing my stash, and keeping track of it. I've thought about doing this for several years now, and I've done pretty good on reducing the stash, but not the "keeping track" part. Judy Laquidara over at Patchwork Times does such a good job of this, and even has you check in periodically. So each month, I am going to do a stash report here on my blog as well as at Judy's. If I start using it up faster, it might even be more than once a month. If I can figure out how to do a "ticker" I will add it to the sidebar and that would make it pretty easy.

That's about all I have plans for right now, besides my annual Cambria CA and Beaver Island MI retreats. Of course, we make the annual trek to MN in the summer for hubby, but other than that, maybe it will be a nice year of staying home, gardening, canning, quilting and knitting in 2010. How about you?


floribunda... aka Julie said...

When is the Cambria trip? I hope we'll be able to connect somewhere this time around...

Hubby said...

I remember the Y2K worries. We were on a warm beach with an endless supply of champagne, in thinking back we should have just unplugged everything and stayed!

progress lighting said...

Cute pictures!