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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Howl-o-ween Story

Are you getting ready for all the ghosts and goblins at your house? We live in the country, so we'll not have any trick or treaters this year. So, instead we took Mayo to the local PetSmart Howl-o-Ween party last week. At first Mayo was going to be a Busy Bumble Bee and practiced her walk for the parade:

But then Clyde got jealous and took her costume instead and became the Mad Hornet:

So after that insult, we had to put our thinking caps on.....

It came to her quite suddenly (at the local Goodwill Store's kid's costume rack) that she could just go as herself: Little Stinker!

Here she is in all her Howl-o-Ween finery, and I am certain she is asking herself how she ever got connected to this crazy family!

But she had a lot of fun at the party!

The End.


Wendy said...

Love those pix. Love that dog! Give her a howl-o-ween treat for me. Not chocolate.

Kathie said...

ongosh that is adorable!
love the little stinker costume!