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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Finally - My Birthday!!

As some of you know, my stitch group, the Amazing Quilt Babes, celebrate our birthdays throughout the year by making blocks/quilts for each other. We draw our "birthday" date from a hat, then wait impatiently through the year for that Saturday to arrive. Then, the birthday girl makes up the kit for the others to sew on the special day together. Isn't that a great birthday gift? My real birthday is in April, but this year, my Babes birthday was in September.

I started these baskets last year at Gwen's retreat by drawing up the pattern from scratch (thank you Gwen!), and I had made ten of them before I packed them away. Over the last few weeks, I made up the 420 half square triangles that make up the belly of the basket and cut the other 210 triangles for the tops. I packaged each set to make the basket, and prepared the handles (with the ric rac) on the top half of the block. We powered through the day, and voila! All the basket blocks are now done, and I'm working on setting them together. They will have a simple floating border of the background fabric so the baskets can show off. Oh, by the way - each basket has cherry fabric and other fruit fabric in them, along with a piece of fabric that has bugs on it, too! It's going to be called Cheery Cherry Baskets - and I LOVE it!


Karrin Hurd said...

Great baskets, I love them Sharon!

Kathie said...

wow another wonderful birthday quilt
love those baskets!!!
just plain fun

Wendy said...

Happy un-Birthday! Love those cheery cherry baskets. Double-clicking on your pic shows the fun fabrics up close and personal. The ric-rak is perfect touch, so cute!

Wendy said...

I'm curious about that challenge quilt, matching named paint colors to your initials? What would we do for G-E-S? Eggshell and silver come to mind, but G? This could be fun.

Sharon said...

Think a little more outside the box. As an example, here are some colors from the Shewin Williams collection (you can see them on line):

7658 Gray Clouds
7196 Granite Slab

7703 Earthen Jug
6555 Enchant
6450 Easy Green

7588 Show Stopper
7595 Sommelier
6946 Surfer

These are only a few I found, and that's just looking quickly. I maybe wasn't clear enough in the post that you use the color selections, not just the color name!

I think it's a great idea!

LibQuilts said...

Sharon, Catching up on looking at websites/blogs I've been given in last few months and finally read yours today. Love the rick rack handles. I'll have to make a few blocks of something similar as a sample of what to do with all this rick rack I have.